What is Tacko Fall’s Shoe Size? – The NBA’s Tallest Player

What is Tacko Fall’s Shoe Size?


Tacko Fall, the towering titan of the NBA, has stirred curiosity across the global basketball community, not just for his astonishing height but also for his remarkable shoe size. A physical phenomenon in the world of sports, Fall’s shoe size is a topic of intrigue.

Let’s delve into the details, shedding light on the unique aspects that make Tacko Fall an extraordinary athlete, starting with his astounding shoe size.

What is Tacko Fall’s Shoe Size?

Tacko Fall, one of the NBA’s newest stars, stands out as an immense force both on and off the basketball court. At 7 feet 6 inches and wearing shoe size 22, his towering stature sets him apart from his peers but also presents unique challenges when it comes to everyday life such as finding shoes that fit.

Fall turned to custom-made shoes in search of footwear suitable to his large feet. But these can be costly and time consuming to produce; moreover, their construction must ensure both comfort and durability.

Fall is undaunted by his unusually large shoe size, confident he will find ways to overcome them and emerge victorious on the hardwood. Other players with larger shoe sizes have found success in the NBA; with an average player’s shoe size being US 15. These achievements stand as testaments to Tacko Fall’s exceptional physical characteristics that make him such a formidable force on court.

What is Tacko Fall’s Shoe Size?

Tacko Fall’s Foot Size

Basketball player Tacko Fall stands 7 feet 6 inches and weighs up to 289 pounds, making him an imposing presence on the court.

Although his height and weight are impressive, what really grabs people’s attention about Boston Celtics center Paul Pierce is his shoe size; wearing size 22 shoes. While this might sound large compared to some NBA players who wear smaller-sized sneakers.

Although Tacko’s large shoe size makes him unique, it can present some challenges. He must often rely on custom-made footwear which can be difficult and time consuming; nonetheless, he is satisfied with the outcome and believes it was well worth his efforts.

Tacko Fall’s Weight

Tacko Fall, originally from Senegal, currently plays center for both the Boston Celtics and their NBA G League affiliate Maine Red Claws. At 7 feet 6 inches with shoes on, Tacko boasts one of the tallest figures on Earth; boasting an amazing standing reach he can even dunk without jumping.

Tacko immigrated to the United States at age 16, seeking a better life for himself and his family. Although he played soccer during high school and college, basketball eventually captured his interest; Tacko went undrafted in the 2019 NBA Draft but signed a two-way contract with Celtics after going undrafted in that draft.

Tacko stands out among NBA players with his size 22 shoe size, but this also poses special challenges. To protect his massive frame he requires sturdy footwear designed to endure wear and tear; and to maintain weight management he consumes many calories through plant-based foods.

Tacko Fall’s Height

Tacko Fall has quickly earned the admiration of fans due to his incredible height and court skill. Born in Senegal and standing 7-feet 6-inches tall, the 23-year-old currently wears size 22 shoes.

At 6 feet 11 inches, he stands out among NBA players as one of its tallest. Additionally, his 8-2 wingspan is one of the longest ever seen at an NBA draft combine and his standing reach of 10-2 allows him to touch an NBA rim without jumping.

While Tacko Fall’s height can present advantages on the court, it also presents certain difficulties off it. He had difficulty finding shoes to fit him when growing up as standard shoe stores rarely carry sizes beyond size 16. As a result, custom-made shoes had to be made which proved both costly and time consuming; nonetheless he has learned to embrace his height on court for maximum impact!


In conclusion, Tacko Fall’s shoe size stands as unique as his towering height in the world of basketball. With a size 22, his feet are among the largest in the NBA, symbolizing the extraordinary physical attributes that contribute to his unique playing style. His shoe size is a testament to his distinctive standing in the sport, highlighting that athletes come in all sizes, each bringing their own unique contribution to the game.