What is Yao Ming’s Shoe Size?

Yao Ming, best known for his massive size and prolific career, played professional basketball for both Shanghai Sharks of the Chinese Basketball Association and Houston Rockets in the NBA.

Ming’s height has long been an intriguing point of conversation. At 7ft 6in, his shoes fit his body size precisely.


Yao Ming is an internationally acclaimed professional basketball player who currently represents Houston Rockets in the National Basketball Association (NBA). Known for his towering height and captivating presence, he has quickly become an international figure of fascination.

He was born September 12th 1980 in Shanghai China to two former basketball players who exposed him to basketball from an early age.

At an early age, he began playing basketball and quickly stood out due to his immense height. Soon thereafter, he was accepted into a sports academy in Shanghai and began honing his skills.

He went on to play for Shanghai Sharks of the Chinese Basketball Association before transitioning into the NBA. Over his career, he earned numerous accolades and awards and is widely considered to be one of the greatest NBA players ever. Additionally, he has featured in movies as well as making several television appearances, making several movies with this roleplaying role himself and is an influential social media figure.


Yao Ming is an iconic Chinese basketball player who has long been active in professional sports. He is widely recognized for his involvement with various international tournaments and championships involving basketball – most notably The National Basketball Association (NBA) and Chinese Basketball Association (CBA).

He is one of the tallest players to ever grace an NBA court, often being known by his nickname of “China-sized Giant” or simply as “Chairman Yao”. Yao was widely credited with reigniting interest in basketball among Chinese people.

Mobs often form at his appearances throughout China, particularly among girls who shed tears if they cannot meet him. He is well-known on social media and is involved in multiple charity projects. He serves as an ideal role model for young Chinese and has earned more than 180 million dollars through various ventures.

Body Measurements

Yao Ming was an outstanding basketball player who distinguished himself in the NBA with his massive frame and prolific scoring abilities. Starting playing as early as nine years old with Shanghai Sharks junior team, before moving up the ranks into CBA and eventually the NBA where he became a star player for several seasons before finally retiring in 2011.

He wore US size 18 shoes, equivalent to European 52.5 and UK 17. This impressive feat made even more incredible considering that he didn’t possess especially large feet.

He found having such large shoes beneficial because they allowed him to easily navigate on the court, even in tight spaces where larger players couldn’t play. Furthermore, their smaller feet provided him with greater agility to get past defenders.

Shoe Size

Yao Ming, at 7 feet 6 inches and 311 pounds, was one of the biggest players ever to step onto a basketball court. While his size made him formidable in battles on court, his shoe size often created issues on it.

Yao Ming donned footwear from various companies during his NBA career, such as Reebok. Reebok designed several custom pairs tailored specifically for Yao Ming such as the Yao Ming Omni Pump Hexride shoe available for sale and gave fans an experience similar to playing alongside Yao.

Yao Ming remains active in basketball after leaving the Houston Rockets, having established his own Chinese team and working to promote it throughout China. Additionally, he offers shoe designs as well as engaging in business ventures.