What is Tracy McGrady’s Shoe Size?

What is Tracy McGradys Shoe Size

Back before Instagram existed, high schoolers transitioning into the NBA were rare. T-Mac was one of the rare few who succeeded, earning himself a lifetime shoe deal with Adidas as an outcome of his achievements.

His size 16 shoes were instrumental in supporting his agile play style and creating an incredible NBA legacy. Each pair served to represent an important chapter in his life and told its own unique tale.



Tracy McGrady was one of the most versatile players during his NBA career. Adidas made sure his US 16 shoe size allowed for maximum agility and style on the court; their T-Mac line of sneakers from T-Mac 2 through T-Mac 5 truly represented Tracy’s fearless and dynamic playing style.

Before T-Mac turned pro, he was set on attending college; however, an offer that changed everything after his senior year of high school altered that plan drastically. After signing a six-year, $12 million shoe endorsement deal with Adidas after graduation changed everything again – becoming some of the finest shoes in league – light, comfortable and matching his unique style perfectly; they fueled T-Mac’s legendary streak of dominance on court while remaining highly desirable worldwide – some are even still being circulated today! Boardroom takes a look back at that historic relationship.


Tracy McGrady was one of the NBA’s premier scorers and most exciting players before injury crippled him. Throughout his 10-year NBA career – playing in Toronto, Orlando and Houston – Tracy excelled as both an effective shooter and efficient defender while being beloved fan favorite who still finds collectors flocking to his shoes today.

McGrady debuted his adidas signature shoe, T-Mac 1, in 2002 and quickly became popular among young players due to its innovative look. Additionally, its durable shell toe was specifically tailored to match McGrady’s unorthodox playing style.

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adidas once signed an unprecedented lifetime deal with NBA star Tracy McGrady – it was their largest athletic contract ever signed! T-Mac was known for being one of the most exciting players on court and would bring large crowds to their feet whenever he hit the court.

McGrady was selected ninth overall in the 1997 NBA draft out of Mount Zion Christian Academy in North Carolina and went on to play in ten seasons and make one Finals appearance – playing for Toronto, Orlando, Houston, New York Atlanta Detroit before eventually retiring.

Over his career, T-Mac has donned many pairs of adidas footwear. Beginning with the Mad Handle sneaker model and later the T-Mac 1 sneaker line he launched his own signature sneaker line in 2002 – popular among basketball players and fans alike; multiple colorways available and affordable enough for most people to purchase early iterations models were all hallmarks of success for this iconic star player.


Tracy McGrady made his mark as one of the greatest scorers ever seen on a basketball court, known for his versatile scoring abilities and fan-pleasing scoring from any position on the court. Additionally, Adidas designed special signature shoes specifically tailored for him as part of their signature shoe program.

McGrady made history when he signed his lifetime deal with three-stripe brand adidas in 2002 – becoming the first NBA player ever to do so and with an estimated contract value higher than Kobe Bryant’s at that time.

McGrady first became known to Adidas through their ABCD camp in 1996, where an Adidas executive named Sonny Vaccaro noticed him and signed him as an endorser of Mt Zion Christian Academy (also sponsored by Adidas) where he would later attend high school basketball at. When drafted out of high school by Adidas he quickly became an icon for their brand; his signature line of shoes quickly became a hit, earning him the moniker “T-Mac.” These first shoes all shared design cues as well as using their AdiPrene cushioning technology.