What is Russell Westbrook’s Shoe Size?

Russell Westbrook has quickly made a name for himself both on and off of the basketball court since being selected fourth overall in the 2008 NBA Draft by Seattle SuperSonics (now Oklahoma City Thunder).

Since then, he has amassed numerous awards and accolades, such as multiple All-Star Game MVP titles. Jordan Brand now features his signature shoe line that blends his distinctive style with advanced performance features.


Westbrook’s signature shoe line, which includes footwear that showcases his bold aesthetic and on-court personality, has been well received by both fans and critics alike. Complex even named the Jordan Why Not Zer0.2 one of their Top 10 shoes of the season!

Westbrook stands out on the basketball court thanks to his unique shoe size, helping him maintain an aggressive, high-energy playing style and maintain his aggressive, high-energy playing style. Furthermore, his larger feet add stability and explosiveness.

No matter the sport, finding the ideal shoe size is critical for comfort and performance. To properly select one, first measure the length of your foot with either a ruler or tape measure, comparing this number with your brand’s official sizing chart and trying on several pair of shoes until they fit properly; try on several at different points throughout the day until finding one which meets both comfort and style needs; take into consideration that feet swell throughout the day so measuring in the evening would be beneficial.


Westbrook’s off-court fashion sense echoes his energetic playstyle through his signature sneakers and has even created his own line for Jordan Brand that combines an over-the-top style with basketball sneaker features designed specifically to support high-level play.

The shoes offer an eye-catching assortment of colorways that embody his love for his family, such as “Zero Noise,” intended to encourage people to focus on what matters most and tune out any unnecessary distractions.

As such, their fit is snug and will likely require some breaking in. Users with wider feet may wish to consider going up half a size for added breathing room and breathability; otherwise, those who enjoy tight fitting shoes will welcome this pair’s tightness as an asset. They also feature an appealing combination of textures and materials in the form of mesh and leather in their upper for durability and style.


NBA star Russell Westbrook is famed for both his extraordinary skill on the court and his bold fashion sense. His signature shoe line with Jordan Brand reflects this approach perfectly, featuring designs inspired by Westbrook’s individual tastes and performance requirements.

As the player himself is striking and colorful, his sneakers reflect that with bold and eccentric style – including this bright red AJ1 featuring denim detailing from OKC Thunder uniform and blue accents like OKC Thunder uniform uniform colors. A premium take on classic sneaker design, this pair even boasts a tongue label resembling Levi’s jeans for added authenticity.

Why Not Zer0.6 sneakers offer another example of its stylish-forward approach with this pair created specifically for an Oklahoma City Thunder forward’s All-Star game in Los Angeles. Boasting multiple nods to his family crest icon at the back instead of Nike Swoosh branding, this pair showcases why this sneaker stands out.


Russell Westbrook requires shoes that provide the ideal blend of comfort and performance, especially given that he engages in frequent running and jumping during games. Otherwise, an incorrect size could compromise performance or lead to injuries.

Westbrook is one of the NBA’s most accomplished players, winning multiple MVP and All-Star awards and also featuring in Jordan Brand’s signature shoe line.

Russell Westbrook of Oklahoma City Thunder is known to write “KB3” on his sneakers before each game in memory of Khelcey Barrs III (deceased), serving as a reminder of self-belief and perseverance – qualities which reflect in the design of his signature sneaker, Jordan Why Not Zer0.1 with its asymmetric lines and vivid colors, meant to inspire boldness and adventure.