What is Patrick Ewing’s Shoe Size?

Ewing shoes, popularized by New York Knicks player Patrick Ewing, combine comfort and style. Ideal for both on and off-court wear.

To determine your shoe size, take measurements of both length and width of your foot before consulting a size chart to find your size.



Patrick Ewing was an All-Star center for the New York Knicks and one of the greatest centers ever seen in NBA play. An exceptional defensive force who could score, rebound and protect his rim; Ewing was revered as an NBA icon during his tenure with New York.

In 1989, Ewing established Ewing Athletics as his own line of basketball shoes. Ewing Athletics released several iconic models such as the 33 HI and Eclipse that Ewing wore while touring with the Dream Team in 1992.

Ewing shoes are designed to offer snug foot support. As they may run small, it is advisable to try them on in store prior to purchasing or measure your feet and consult a shoe size chart in order to find your ideal pair. Ill-fitting footwear may lead to blisters, corns or calluses – yet having well-fitting Ewing shoes could prevent these problems altogether!


Ewing shoes offer an assortment of widths to fit most foot sizes; however, some individuals may require alteration. For the best way to find out your shoe size, visit a shoe store and have your feet measured.

Patrick Ewing is a legendary NBA player and former U.S. Olympic athlete. Throughout his time on both teams, Ewing crafted one of the greatest careers ever seen in basketball history and amassed an immense fan following.

Ewing Athletics was first released for sale by Adidas before they parted ways, in 1989. Ewing introduced several iconic models like the 33 HI and Eclipse Olympics sneaker that he wore while competing on the U.S. Olympic team in 1992. Ewing Athletics was later revived by David Goldberg’s company GPF Footwear LLC with their 33 HI and Eclipse sneakers available to buy online.


Patrick Ewing launched Ewing Athletics footwear line in 1989, and quickly made an impactful statement with its first shoe release: 33 Hi. This shoe quickly became iconic within basketball culture and is beloved by both collectors and fans around the globe.

Ewing’s venture into footwear was revolutionary at the time. His agent, David Falk, who specialized in getting endorsement deals signed, supported this endeavor wholeheartedly. Launching a brand with no product was certainly risky in comparison with Michael Jordan’s successful Nike empire; yet ultimately it proved rewarding.


Patrick Ewing achieved 11 All-NBA selections during his time with both the New York Knicks and Orlando Magic, served as an Olympic Team member, won two championships at Georgetown University men’s basketball, was an eleven-time All-Star, was an All-Pro selection, was recognized with various philanthropic awards, was an accomplished businessman and has an impeccable business track record.

Patrick Ewing became the first professional baller to launch their own shoe company, Ewing Athletics. This bold move allowed Ewing access to a huge market without needing to align himself with any one brand.

To find your ideal fit, visit a shoe store to have your feet professionally measured. Once you know your size, try on several Ewing shoes and pay close attention to how they feel on your feet; make sure they provide comfort and support!