What is Nate Robinson’s Shoe Size?

What is Nate Robinsons Shoe Size

Nate Robinson has long been known for standing up for himself. That attitude earned him three Slam Dunk Contest victories during his NBA career.

He wears size 10 shoes, making him one of the shortest players ever seen playing in the NBA.

1. Shaquille O’Neal

Shaquille O’Neal has long been one of the most legendary players in NBA history, known for both his height and size – not to mention his astounding footwear collection of size 22 shoes! These are among his signature features as an iconoclast player.

Shaq stands out with his enormous feet and size 22 sneakers; their scale makes them appear even more remarkable.

Robinson excelled as both an athlete and scholar at high school, winning state championships in basketball and football. While attending University of Washington on football scholarship, after his freshman year he decided to switch over to basketball as his focus. Boston Celtics selected Robinson in the second round of 2002 NBA draft; during his rookie season he largely sat idle until their playoff run when he scored 13 points against Orlando Magic, earning him an All-Star nod in Game 6.

2. Earl Boykins

At 10 PM on a Saturday night in Newark, Delaware, Nate Robinson sits pensively scribbling autographs on hats, t-shirts and iPhone cases for his D-League team’s loss to Windy City Bulls – some 80 fans remain. He writes his signature neatly across each item.

Boykins is one of the shortest players ever to play in the NBA, standing at 5’5″ with a shoe size of 9.5. Yet despite his diminutive frame, his heart made up for any perceived shortcomings; he would go on to appear for 10 teams over 13 seasons in total.

As one of the shortest players in the NBA and locker room, he made sure he made every advantage of being tiny. A fan favorite and fierce competitor, he will surely be missed by his Celtics teammates and we hope he finds success with whatever comes his way next.

3. Muggsy Bogues

Muggsy Bogues was an accomplished NBA point guard despite being over one foot shorter than his peers. Drafted 12th overall by Washington Bullets in 1987 and also playing for Charlotte Hornets, Golden State Warriors, and Toronto Raptors during that time.

Throughout his basketball career, he gained notoriety for his extraordinary ball-handling skills–he could keep a legal dribble so close to the ground that his knuckles dragged. Additionally, he became famed for his high-jumping abilities, winning three NBA slam-dunk contests.

Muggsy Bogues transitioned from professional basketball into charitable work and event sponsorship following his retirement. Additionally, he founded a startup clothing company for smaller men called Men In Control Clothing Company that sells them. Based in Charlotte with his wife and daughter, Muggsy Bogues also enjoys acting roles and coaching basketball to over one thousand children across Charlotte.

4. Nate Robinson

Nate Robinson is one of the most entertaining under-6-foot players ever to wear an NBA uniform, and he takes full advantage of it to his advantage.

He spent much of his D-League team’s loss against the Bulls on Saturday night in Newark on the court, but by game’s end was at an autograph table signing hats, T-shirts and iPhone cases for about 80 fans who remained after it ended.

Boy Scouts approach and he assures them he will buy them popcorn at the next game if they bring it with them.

Like many children growing up in Seattle in the 90s, Nate Robinson admired Michael Jordan and wanted to emulate his signature style. Thanks to Seattle’s rich basketball heritage and flourishing sneaker scene, however, Nate found his own voice while becoming a multi-talented athlete. This Nate Robinson Dennis Rodman shirt makes a great gift for basketball fans who appreciate bold yet creative fashion statements!