What is Magic Johnson’s Shoe Size?

Earvin “Magic” Johnson was widely considered one of the greatest basketball players ever. During their Showtime era in Los Angeles, Johnson led them to five NBA Championships and retired in 1991 after disclosing that he had contracted HIV.

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Earvin “Magic” Johnson was born and raised in Lansing, Michigan. Always an active individual who enjoyed basketball, his nickname “Magic” stemmed from his incredible skills with the ball and its remarkable spin moves. A 5-time NBA Champion considered one of the greatest ever, Earvin also went on to become a successful entrepreneur after his NBA days as well as advocate for HIV/AIDS awareness programs.


Lakers legend Kobe Bryant revolutionized the NBA and changed it for good, becoming one of its greatest ever players and five-time NBA Champion. Additionally, he is widely revered as an excellent person off-court as well.

He was an extremely tall individual who made an enormous mark on basketball. He excelled as both an amazing point guard and 2-on-2 shooter; additionally he was also an incredible rebounder with incredible skills.

Magic was 6’8″, very similar in height to Larry Bird who stood 6’9″.

At 6’8″, Magic appears close to LeBron in this photo due to having better posture in comparison and perhaps being closer to the camera. Based on Kyle Kuzma’s foot position in that same shot, at least 6’7″ could be implied there.


Magic Johnson was more than just an NBA champion; he helped redefine the point guard position and turn around an organization nearing bankruptcy into one with proven profits and widespread interest.

Some may downplay his accomplishments by noting that Magic had great teammates and thus amassed assists due to their talent; but in truth he was an exceptional passer who helped improve the players around him and could make baskets quickly or in halfcourt settings – plus was an expert at fast breaks!

Legend has it, as reported in an episode of HBO series Winning Time, that Magic turned down an offer from Nike in the late 70s which would have made him a billionaire – this deal would have provided him with 100,000 shares worth $5.2 billion by 2023 – an astonishing sum considering Magic was only making about $100,000 per year during his playing career!


Magic Johnson was an intimidating presence on the basketball court, yet not simply due to his height alone. His long wingspan allowed him to leap over opponents and make passes that other players couldn’t.

Magic was known for his long wingspan which helped make him an outstanding point guard, yet could also have contributed to an early end due to a serious back injury. Off the court however, this impressive trait proved invaluable as an activist fighting HIV/AIDS awareness and as a successful businessman.

As soon as Magic first entered the NBA in 1979, sneaker companies courted him aggressively. Although Nike offered him better stock options which are worth billions today, Magic chose Converse instead despite their better offer and later regretted not accepting.