What is Larry Bird’s Shoe Size?

What is Larry Birds Shoe Size

The NBA showcases some of the world’s finest athletes. Each one stands out with unique physical attributes – from shoe size to physical build – making an impressionful statement about them and their sport.

Larry Bird was renowned Boston Celtics legend who donned size 13 shoes during his brilliant career. This allowed for greater stability during shooting and movement across the court, likely aiding accuracy when shooting or moving around on court.

Size 13

Larry Bird has long been revered as one of the greatest basketball players ever. Not only was he an NBA champion three times over, he made waves outside of basketball too as a successful businessman who helped promote Converse shoes while serving as spokesperson for their “Weapon” shoes line.

Collectors prize the shoes Bird wore while playing for the Boston Celtics and are highly coveted today. Lelands auction house currently offers one such pair up for bid at $3,058; size 13 with green canvas upper with white leather chevron and star designs signed by Bird. A true piece of sports history which would make a wonderful addition to any collection!

Size 17

Knowledge of Larry Bird’s shoe size might not provide any practical advantages, but it can make for interesting trivia for basketball fans and highlight how crucial footwear plays in professional athlete performance.

Bird was one of the premier players during his time with the Boston Celtics. He won three NBA championships and ten All-Star games while remaining popular with his fans due to his skill, determination, and competitive nature.

These Converse Pro Canvas game sneakers were worn by Bird during a Boston Celtics game in 1991 and measure size 13-13.5. They come with their original black laces and feature dual signatures by Bird on each shoe’s lateral side in large black lettering; they remain in good condition with some expected wear from use; additionally they include both MEARS Authentication’s Certificate of Authenticity as well as JSA’s Letter of Opinion for authenticity purposes.

Size 9.5

When you think of legendary NBA player Larry Bird, your mind likely jumps directly to his shooting accuracy and on-court intensity. But perhaps what’s less obvious is his unusual shoe size playing an integral role in his success as well.

He used size 17 shoes – equivalent to 33 in CM standards and 51.5 in EU standards – which provided both stability and agility on the hardwood surface. This gave him an immense edge against his opponents and helped him rule it completely.

Fans of Bird’s legendary career can bid on his game-worn Converse sneakers available for auction through Leland’s website. These green canvas shoes feature white leather chevrons and stars affixed with black lettering from him in black lettering; MEARS Authentication authenticates these as game use shoes in excellent condition (with some cracking/splitting on right sneaker); they come complete with their display case as well.

Size 8.5

NBA players with large feet require shoes that accommodate their size; otherwise, blisters and injuries could occur due to insufficient support. As these players spend hours each day on the court, having shoes that fit well is of critical importance.

Bird wore Converse Pro Canvas game sneakers during his entire career, which helped him achieve stellar performance at an extremely high level. These shoes provided extra ankle support and became widely popular among basketball players during the late-70s era.

This pair of black Converse basketball shoes have been hand-signed by Larry Bird (Boston Celtics, Hall of Fame). They include a letter of opinion from MEARS Authentication as well as JSA player hologram for authenticity. Furthermore, these are in excellent condition with their own display case included.