What is Kevin Durant’s Shoe Size?

Kevin Durant of the NBA famous for having large feet. Wearing size 18 shoes during basketball games helps him muscling his way over players quicker and racing down the court faster.

But do his large feet hinder him? Royce Young noted that Kevin Durant blamed his “big ass feet” after hitting the game-winning shot in 2018. Chris Herring decided to investigate whether KD actually wears shoes one size larger during games.

Size 18

Although Kevin Durant has taken great strides to become an effective basketball player with larger shoe size, it has presented its own challenges – such as needing special footwear. Luckily, trainers and shoe manufacturers have helped minimize injury risks through collaborative efforts with them.

Though his shoe size may appear excessively large, it is actually common within the NBA. Many players like Nikola Jokic, Joel Embiid and Yao Ming wear shoes with sizes exceeding 18.

Size 17

Kevin Durant may seem like an outlier among NBA players with his size 14 shoe size; however, several stars like Kyrie Irving and LeBron James boast larger foot sizes.

Although it might be premature to blame Durant’s big feet for his failure to get behind the three point line and make that game-winning shot, it still provides food for thought.

Size 16

Basketball players with large feet enjoy an unfair edge on the court. Their longer limbs and wider shoe sizes give them extra reach and stability, enabling them to shoot over defenders more effortlessly.

Larger shoe sizes present their own set of obstacles when it comes to injury management, necessitating special footwear and additional care in order to prevent injuries from happening. That is why Durant works closely with trainers and medical staff in developing custom footwear which provides him with enough support and stability.

Size 15

As one of the world’s premier basketball players, Kevin Durant should come as no surprise with having large feet. His size 18 shoes stand out amongst their fellow NBA teammates who tend to wear smaller footwear sizes.

KD nearly completed a game-winning shot while rising for an unlikely 3-point attempt, yet his foot only narrowly missed touching the 3-point line and being shot. That shot would go down in NBA playoff history as one of its most devastating “what if” moments.

Size 14

Kevin Durant stands out among NBA players with massive feet, wearing size 18 shoes for Nets superstar. These monstrous feet give him additional reach and stability on the court.

However, Durant’s large feet also present an injury risk. In one playoff game he caught his heel against a 3-point line while shooting an important three-point shot that could have sent his team all the way into the Finals.

Size 13

Kevin Durant stands among the tallest players in the NBA, yet his foot size remains relatively average. His shoes fit comfortably while his large feet provide him with added reach and stability on the court.

His larger shoe size has created challenges when it comes to injury management, necessitating him to use specialized footwear and take extra precaution. He has even worked with sneaker companies in designing shoes tailored specifically for him.

Size 12

Kevin Durant of the Phoenix Suns has become one of the NBA’s premier players and his shoe size is often discussed among fans and sneakerheads alike. Nike’s KD line of sneaker has become particularly popular among sneakerheads and basketball enthusiasts.

He can take larger strides, outmuscle opponents more quickly and move down the court more rapidly in his shoes of larger size; however, this could also increase injuries due to stress on his feet and ankles.

Size 11

Many NBA fans appreciate Kevin Durant for his on-court skills; however, others are curious about certain physical characteristics about him – specifically his large feet which has become an issue of debate among fans.

At 6’10”, Nets star Joe Harris wears size 18 shoes – considered large in terms of NBA size standards – giving him added reach, stability, and balance when shooting over defenders.

Size 10

At 6 feet 10 inches, Durant stands among the tallest players in the NBA. His large feet have propelled his basketball career while garnering him attention from shoe manufacturers.

Durant’s massive feet can also present challenges. In one 2021 playoff game, Durant was called for stepping on the three-point line; this presented an extraordinary “what-if?” moment in the game.

Size 9

NBA star Kevin Durant is widely recognized as one of the premier players in his league, while his large feet pose some questions. According to reports, KD wears size 18 shoes when playing basketball.

ESPN reporter Royce Young recently disclosed that Kevin Durant wears a full size larger when on the court to achieve that featherweight feel. This revelation had many wondering whether it might have altered the outcome of that game-winning shot.