What is Jeff Teague’s Shoe Size?

Jeff Teague, known by many for his college basketball exploits at Wake Forest University and later for Atlanta Hawks as their guard, was selected 19th overall in 2009 NBA draft and currently plays as guard for Atlanta.

Ervin augments his dribble drive game with an accurate, compact jump shot in space – both when spotting up or pulling up – but remains wary to take shots in close quarters.


Teague currently plays for the Milwaukee Bucks of the National Basketball Association after being selected 19th overall by Atlanta Hawks to start his professional career in 2009.

He is an exceptionally skilled point guard who can maneuver the ball to create scoring opportunities for his team. However, his protection of the basket could benefit from additional upper body strength training.

Teague’s small size makes him difficult to defend larger opponents, though his quickness and athleticism allow him to make up for this shortcoming. He possesses keen vision on the court that often helps him find open teammates within defenses; and has amassed over 2000 three-point shots since entering the league. Teague is also known for his prolific three-point shooting prowess – having made more than 2,000 threes during his career; furthermore he boasts an outstanding assist to turnover ratio with an assist to turnover ratio exceeding 1:1!


Teague has quickly established himself in the NBA as a point guard. His style of play – more driving into the lane and less 3-point shooting – has earned him rave reviews from critics, while he boasts excellent rebounding skills and has an outstanding defensive rating.

He was selected 19th overall in 2009 by the Atlanta Hawks, spending seven seasons there before moving onto Indiana Pacers and Minnesota Timberwolves – as well as European club Maccabi Tel Aviv.

Though his career is impressive, he has maintained a low profile when it comes to his personal life. Rumor has it he may be dating Tyrina Lee (previously married to rapper Future). They have been together for four years; often seen together at public events; yet no details regarding their relationship have been shared with anyone outside their relationship circle. Both live in Indianapolis; both enjoy basketball.


Jeff Teague spent most of his early childhood playing basketball. His family built a half court in their backyard where he and his brother would enjoy hours-long basketball games until midnight when street lights illuminated it all again.

Teague may be one of the smaller players in the NBA, but his size never holds him back from making an impactful statement on and off the court. He exudes confidence both on and off the court while possessing a rare humor among athletes; often posting self-myth busting content and publicly ridiculing himself through social media posts.

Teague was selected 19th overall out of Wake Forest University for the Atlanta Hawks by the NBA draft in 2009, wearing Adidas Crazylight Boost shoes in various colorways – even wearing red sneakers with white laces to help his team beat Washington Wizards! He currently wears his current model during playoffs.

Net Worth

Jeff Teague currently boasts a net worth of $40 Million. He amassed it through his professional basketball career and lucrative endorsement agreements. Furthermore, investments and merchandise sales also contributed to his fortune.

Teague’s ability to play both sides of the ball has made him an invaluable player for his teams. An outstanding defender and facilitator, Teague can also score against some of the toughest defenses in the league.

Though many NBA players can be self-absorbed, Teague stands out. He is an outstanding teammate and leader on the court; furthermore he has voiced criticism against how their teammates are treated by the league.

Teague has been in a relationship with Tyrina Lee, an accomplished fashion model. Since 2014 they have shared pictures and comments demonstrating their affection. Tyrina is known as an accomplished fashion model who has appeared at red carpet events and commercials; her Instagram account can be found at @princesstyrinalee for anyone following along!