What is Isaiah Thomas’ Shoe Size?

What is Isaiah Thomass Shoe Size

Isaiah Thomas began his NBA career with Sacramento Kings as the final pick in 2011 draft. Now with Boston Celtics he has earned two All-Star nods due to his incredible talents and hard work, making an impressionful player on court.

Isaiah Thomas’s Shoe Size

If you ask any NBA general manager, they’re likely to tell you that size matters when it comes to finding success in the league. But Boston Celtics point guard Isaiah Thomas might offer up different advice.

Thomas is an exceptional teammate, prioritizing team victories and success above all else. Yet, he still harbors aspirationsal goals that could make this season truly remarkable.

Before every game, Isaiah finds a quiet corner of the court and takes time to think about his next opponent and how they might affect their game plan. He does this to “really focus” for an upcoming matchup but also has another reason: Aubri’s birth in about 10 days motivates him greatly to excel in his first NFL matchup.

Isaiah Thomas’s Foot Size

Isaiah Thomas has quickly established himself as one of the NBA’s most underrated players. Since being selected as the last pick in 2011 NBA Draft, Thomas has made significant strides forward with Boston Celtics becoming an All-Star two times over and earning two All-Defensive Team Awards as proof that he can compete against some of the league’s premier talent.

At first glance, it should come as no surprise that Anthony has small feet given that the average shoe size for NBA players is a US 10.5 or 12. While his foot size may not match up to someone like Earl Boykins (US 22), who wears them frequently; nonetheless it remains significantly smaller than many of his counterparts in the league.

Nike released a special PE of the Nike Kobe 4 Protro designed specifically for Isaiah Thomas that has been dubbed “Mighty I.T.” It boasts sleeker heel shape, wider outsole traction, and other improvements tailored specifically for Thomas’s game.

Isaiah Thomas’s Shoe Brand

Isiah Thomas was an icon in the NBA. His combination of talent, work ethic and respect for the game made him one of its most renowned players ever to grace its floor. Additionally, Thomas proved himself an exceptional leader on the court while always possessing an unflappable mindset when facing big games.

Although Isaiah Thomas no longer belongs to an NBA roster, he still finds ways to stay engaged with basketball. Most recently he accepted a role as an analyst for Overtime Elite Basketball League that has signed an ESPN broadcast agreement.

As part of his return, Isaiah Thomas is also wearing his very own limited player edition Kobe A.D. sneaker called ‘Mamba Mentality’ that can be purchased at select Nike stores in Boston and Seattle as well as Foot Locker alongside other A.T. exclusives for Draymond Green, DeAndre Jordan, Paul George and other NBA superstars.

Isaiah Thomas’s Shoe Style

Boston Celtics point guard Isaiah Thomas was unarguably one of the premier NBA players for an extended period, standing out not only with his incredible talent on the court but also through a style all his own – which included unique footwear choices.

Thomas has worn shoes from an array of brands during his career, yet ASICS’ Gel-Spotlyte became his go-to sneaker and cemented the concept of “guard shoes”, designed specifically to meet small player’s needs such as himself.

After spending three seasons with the Sacramento Kings, Thomas was traded to the Boston Celtics in 2014. During his first season there, Thomas led them to victory by leading them to first seed in Eastern Conference and finishing fifth in MVP voting – this earned him an invitation to participate in 2016 NBA All-Star Game.