What is Chris Paul’s Shoe Size?

What is Chris Paul's Shoe Size

As an NBA superstar, Chris Paul is as much known for his athletic prowess as he is for his style. One key aspect of his ensemble that often piques curiosity is his choice of footwear. Being a globally recognized athlete and a signature athlete of Jordan Brand, the specifics of his shoe size become intriguing trivia for fans and followers.

This piece aims to delve into the details of Chris Paul’s shoe size, providing insight into this seemingly trivial, yet fascinating aspect of his persona.

What is Chris Paul’s Shoe Size?

Chris Paul sports a substantial shoe size that matches his towering presence on the basketball court. He wears a US size 12.5, which equates to 29.2 cm. For those more familiar with European measurements, that’s a size 47. If we’re talking UK sizing, that’s a size 11.5. These measurements are impressive and perfectly accommodate his agile movements and swift footwork that are fundamental to his game.

Chris Paul Height and Weight

Chris Paul stands tall on the court with a height of 1.83 meters. His athletic build is supported by a weight of 79 kilograms. This combination of height and weight provides him with the ideal physique for basketball, enabling him to excel in agility, speed, and strength, characteristics that are highly influential in his game.

Chris Paul’s Wingspan

One physical attribute that significantly contributes to Chris Paul’s performance is his wingspan. A player’s wingspan in basketball refers to the distance from fingertip to fingertip when their arms are extended horizontally.

Chris Paul boasts a wingspan of approximately 1.83 meters, equivalent to his height. This wingspan allows him better reach for steals, rebounds, and shooting over defenders, enhancing his overall efficacy on the court.

Chris Paul’s Sneaker Brand

Chris Paul is signed to the prominent Brand Jordan, a branch of the iconic Nike label. His association with Brand Jordan began in 2006 and in 2008, the athlete launched his first signature model with the brand.

Over the years, Paul’s partnership with Brand Jordan has yielded at least a dozen signature models, along with several special pairs from the Air Jordan line, further solidifying his status in the world of basketball and sportswear.

What is Chris Paul's Shoe Size


In conclusion, as a professional basketball player, Chris Paul’s shoe size plays an integral part in his on-court performance. His shoe size of 47 European size, or 11.5 UK size, is crucial for his agile movements and swift footwork. Paul’s association with Brand Jordan and his multiple signature models further speak to the importance of the right footwear in his sport.

Therefore, Chris Paul’s shoe size is not merely a trivial fact, but a key component of his basketball prowess.