What is Chris Bosh’s Shoe Size?

The NBA boasts some of the greatest athletes on Earth, many of whom can be identified by their jerseys, tattoos and physical appearance. But have you ever considered their shoe size?

As it turns out, NBA players tend to have larger feet than the average person. Here we take a look at some of the most renowned NBA players and their shoe sizes.

Chris Bosh’s Height

Chris Bosh is a 6′ 11″ NBA superstar. A two time champion with the Miami Heat, Chris excels as both a power forward and defensive force on the court. A great power forward player himself, Chris can score from anywhere on the court while remaining an effective defender as well.

At Lincoln High School in Dallas, Texas, he excelled both academically and as a basketball player – playing on the state championship team while drawing college recruiters’ notice – eventually selecting Georgia Tech where he continued to thrive both as an academic and as an athlete.

Born March 24th 1984 and standing 6′ 11″, Chris Bosh rose to become an NBA basketball player for both Toronto Raptors and Miami Heat before making Austin his home with wife Jessica and five children. Additionally he established The Chris Bosh Foundation which strives to improve the lives of young people both Toronto and Dallas.

Chris Bosh’s Weight

Bosh made an impressionful statement about himself during his high school career by displaying both size and skill that attracted college recruiters. Ultimately he chose Georgia Tech for basketball play where he became known for his smooth shooting stroke and dominance on the glass.

Bosh quickly established himself as one of the rising stars in NBA. Over his 17-year NBA career, he won two championships with Miami Heat and earned 11 All-Star selections.

Chris Bosh of the Miami Heat donned this Nike Air Max Hyperposite PE during their preseason matchup against Washington Wizards at AmericanAirlines Arena on October 21, 2015 in Miami, FL. Chris signed this pair using silver paint pen, and it comes complete with an official Fanatics hologram as proof of authenticity.

Chris Bosh’s Shoe Size

Professional athletes understand that proper footwear is essential. Wearing too-small footwear can cause blisters and other serious injuries; this is particularly relevant to NBA players with large feet.

The Beatles had Ringo, Corleones had Fredo, and Miami Heat had Chris Bosh. Bosh served as the weak link in an impressive chain featuring Pat Riley (cold-blooded godfather), LeBron James (herculean specimen) and Dwyane Wade (linebacker-in-a-two-guard).

Though it’s tempting to ridicule the weakest member of a superteam, their role is essential to their team’s success. As Tim Ferriss suggests, they act as alpha dog players for opposing teams while TNT spotlights them during national television broadcasts. They perform tasks others cannot and often don’t want to do, providing Tim Ferriss-esque examples of players continuously testing out what works for themselves as individuals.

Chris Bosh’s Shoes

Bosh is a two-time NBA Champion and one of the premier power forwards in the league, as well as being an outstanding defensive player and reliable scorer. Bosh plays for Miami Heat and was instrumental in their championship run over recent years.

Last year, he was diagnosed with a pulmonary embolism which nearly ended his career and put his life in jeopardy – but has returned to play this season in pursuit of another NBA championship title.

Though he has been an integral player on the Miami Heat, he’s come under criticism for his off-court style – often noted for flamboyant fashion choices and flashy jewelry.