What is Blake Griffin’s Shoe Size?

Blake Griffin is an esteemed NBA basketball player known for his unique physique and outstanding on-court talent. While his height and weight give him an edge in the game, they also require him to follow a rigorous fitness regimen in order to be at his peak performance level.

He wears Jordan Brand basketball shoes, known for their responsive cushioning and superior traction properties as well as being stylish and eye-catching.


Blake Griffin, an NBA player who has earned six All-Star selections, possesses tremendous strength and athleticism that allows him to dominate his sport with great strength and an excellent vertical jump.

He has been an outstanding contributor for both the Los Angeles Clippers and Detroit Pistons. An outstanding rebounder and scorer, his combination of power and finesse allows him to perform at an elite level.

At 6 feet 10 inches and 249 pounds, he stands 6 feet 10 inches and has American and Afro-Haitian ancestry. His children include Ford Wilson Cameron-Griffin and Finley Elaine Griffin; Panini America, NBA 2K13, Kia Motors and Subway have endorsed him as have hurdler Lolo Jones and model Kendall Jenner; currently dating Malibu swimsuit designer Francesca Aiello is Francesca Aiello. Additionally his other career ventures include acting and music; having participated in various television and film projects.


Blake Griffin is an NBA power forward known for his dominating dunks. Additionally, he’s known for his stylish sense and was recently seen wearing an ensemble that looked straight out of a magazine – skinny jeans paired with a fitted shirt adorned with Air Jordan 35 sneakers!

These shoes are constructed of leather with a high top that gives them a sleek appearance. In addition, they offer responsive cushioning, superior traction, and innovative features which are great for taking one’s game to the next level. Perfect for players wanting to push themselves further.

Blake Griffin is the son of Tommy and Gail Griffin and has one older brother. Home-schooled until eighth grade, his father acted as basketball coach until that point. Unmarried yet with two children to his name, this star is also well known for his philanthropy efforts and has donated millions to various causes.

Brand preference

Blake Griffin stands 6′ 9″, weighs 251 pounds, and wears Jordan brand basketball shoes which are known for their durability and performance during high-intensity games. To support his large feet during such intense matches, these Jordan brand basketball shoes provide exceptional cushioning and support – hence why he wears them.

Griffin has numerous interests outside professional basketball. An accomplished stand-up comedian, he has appeared on shows such as Comedy Central’s Broad City, Roast Battle and Alec Baldwin Roasts; additionally he hosts his annual Comedy by Blake event.

Griffin remains private when it comes to his personal life. He shares two children: one with former partner Brynn Cameron and another with current one Francesca Aiello from Malibu Swimwear Design Studio Francesca Aiello of Malibu Swimsuit Design Studio Francesca Aiello of Malibu-based swimsuit designer Francesca Aiello from Malibu Swimsuit Designer Company Francesca Aiello (also dating hurdler Lolo Jones and model Kendall Jenner).

Shoes he wears

Blake Griffin has enjoyed an exceptional NBA career. Since being selected first overall by the LA Clippers in 2009, he quickly established himself as an extraordinary athletic and skilled talent in the league – quickly winning both Slam Dunk Contest and Rookie of the Year honors during that same season.

He has won multiple All-Star games and garnered many awards throughout his career, setting an example for young players by embodying commitment, perseverance and an unyielding passion for his craft. This dedication serves as an encouragement for other aspiring athletes as they chase after their goals.

Griffin has worn numerous pairs of Nike and Jordan Brand sneakers throughout his career, while currently favoring Under Armour HOVR Havoc Low and Spawn 3 models as his go-to shoes for fast-paced play. These stylish models also boast Air Jordan branding for added prestige.