What is Anthony Davis’ Shoe Size?

NBA star Anthony Davis is an absolute beast on the court with a fantastic wingspan and unlimited potential. Drafted into the league in 2012 and currently playing for New Orleans Pelicans.

He wears the Nike Air Max Dominate line of shoes, designed for optimal cushioning and stability. Even at his height of 6ft 4in he still operates like a guard and remains highly mobile on the court.


Antony Davis (commonly referred to by his initials “AD”) is an American professional basketball player currently playing power forward and center positions for the Los Angeles Lakers of the National Basketball Association (NBA). Before that he spent time with New Orleans Pelicans.

Anthony is an impressively agile player despite his giant height; he can move around quickly on the court while beating defenders off-dribble and outscoring them off of dribbles. Additionally, he makes for an exceptional rebounder as well as being powerful enough to dominate paint area.

His wide wingspan allows him to easily block shots. Furthermore, he’s known as an excellent passer and jump shooter. Finally, Nike shoes are one of his favorites; you may have even seen him sporting different types of them during games!


Davis is an NBA professional basketball player currently representing the Los Angeles Lakers. Known for his scoring and rebounding capabilities as well as strong defensive abilities.

Davis is reported to weigh approximately 253 pounds and is well known for his affinity for sneakers such as Nike Kobe AD Exodus shoes.

He was originally a size 17 in 2010 but has grown several inches since. His unique shoe style complements both his personality and height perfectly, even being featured in multiple Nike commercials.


Anthony Davis has worn several styles of Nike footwear since his rookie season began. At first, he donned the highly popular Kobe 4 Protros; later on however he transitioned over to Kobe 5 Protro shoes before finally wearing Nike Air Max Audacity while playing for Pelicans.

He possesses exceptional basketball skills that earned him numerous awards and recognitions. Additionally, he appeared as himself on two episodes of Mike & Mike in 2014 and 2015 and prefers keeping his private life out of the public eye. He has one daughter but remains single – never marrying nor keeping their personal lives public knowledge.


New member of the Los Angeles Lakers with striking biceps that make people take notice. Former New Orleans Pelicans center who is also an exceptional presence both on and off the court; dedicated to his sport while taking great care in maintaining a balanced diet.

He focuses on strength training to maintain his impressive physique. Additionally, he attempts to avoid unnecessary stress so he can remain focused on his game.

As part of his duties off the court, he hosts Junior Training Camps, partners with First Entertainment Credit Union and films commercials for First Entertainment Bank; additionally he conducts Nike-sponsored clinics for kids from local basketball academies.


Davis sports an athletic build, carrying most of his weight in his lower half and wearing size 17 shoes.

His freshman year, his team had to practice at a nearby church due to their high school not offering gym access. By the end of that first year he stood 6 feet, 4 inches and was actively recruited by colleges like DePaul, Ohio State, and Syracuse before ultimately selecting Kentucky as his alma mater.

He credits his love of sneakers to an obsession that began as a child and led to him trading in his Xbox for Air Jordan 14s. Additionally, he’s a dedicated follower of Nike’s Air Max Dominate line; frequently wearing their Air Max 95 and Air Max 270 models.

Shoe Size

NBA star Kobe Bryant has worn many types of basketball shoes over time, but Nike remains his go-to brand. Recently he rocked a Player Edition Nike Kobe AD Exodus that featured Battle Grey upper with Warped Netting PE tongue patch and Air Max bubble detailing.

Lakers star LeBron James has remained coy about his height, though on Jimmy Kimmel Live he measured 6’11 according to Jimmy’s measurements. James is also an admirer of Nike Air Max Dominate line of footwear.

Davis wears a size 17 US shoe size, which is rather large for an NBA player. He attributes his love of sneakers to a childhood obsession that led him to trade in his Xbox console for Jordans as a teenager.