What is Anthony Davis’ Shoe Size?

What is Anthony Daviss Shoe Size

Anthony Davis is an NBA superstar and an exceptional basketball player known for his impressive dribbling, passing, and shooting skills.

He currently plays power forward and center positions with the Los Angeles Lakers of the National Basketball Association (NBA). Additionally, he has won various awards during his basketball career.


Anthony Davis is one of the NBA’s most beloved players, and his eye-catching shoes have long been part of his unique signature look. They can often be seen on court or even featured in commercials for Nike and other companies.

Davis is an impressive athlete known for his height and skill on the court. Drafted into the NBA in 2012, he currently serves as power forward/center with Los Angeles Lakers.

He stands six-feet-10 and boasts an incredible wingspan of 7 feet 6 inches, as well as 9-foot standing reach and weighs 253 pounds. His muscular frame gives him enough power to overpower defenders while still being flexible enough to absorb contact when driving to the basket.


Anthony Davis, currently playing with the New Orleans Pelicans of the National Basketball Association (NBA), boasts an amazing physique due to his strict diet and workout regime.

He weighs 253 pounds and boasts a wingspan of 7 feet 6 inches. Drafted by the New Orleans Pelicans in the first round of the 2012 NBA Draft, he has gone on to receive numerous awards and recognition for his exceptional performances on the court.

His passion for Nike shoes began as a teenager when he traded in his Xbox for an Air Jordan 14 pair. Since then, he has featured in multiple Nike commercials, such as its Rise campaign. Furthermore, he even has his own shoe line called ‘The Brow’ available with them. He credits this weakness for footwear to being something his parents instilled him with as well.

Body Measurements

Anthony Davis, commonly referred to as The Brow, has proven himself as one of the premier big men in basketball over his lengthy career, winning several awards and accolades along the way.

Davis was selected first overall by the New Orleans Hornets at the 2012 NBA Draft and quickly made his debut later that year. Since then, he has become an integral component of their success.

He has appeared in various TV commercials for various products and services, such as Red Bull and Foot Locker, while currently serving as brand ambassador for Nike.

Recently, Kobe has been sporting Nike’s Kobe AD Exodus shoes. The revamped version of his signature shoes boasts some eye-catching features including 3D spherical detailing and warped netting on its upper.

Bra Size

Davis stands tall but remains fit due to his gym activities and diet management.

Anthony is deeply in love with his wife Marlen P, whom he shares a daughter named Nala with. They all reside together in their Bel Air mansion.

The athlete has numerous tattoos on his body that symbolize various events or aspects of his life. On his right bicep is written Chicago and 1993 indicating the year of his birth while on his left forearm is an image of his daughter, among numerous other tattoos.

Shoe Size

Anthony Davis is one of the tallest NBA players, wearing shoes specifically tailored to maximize his height. A fan of Nike basketball shoes, Anthony has often been seen donning sneakers from this brand on various occasions while currently playing power forward and center for Los Angeles Lakers.

He often wears Nike’s Air Max Audacity and Kobe AD Exodus shoes, along with the Kobe 4 Protro when starting with the Lakers in 2010, wearing various Player Editions such as Chaos and Trophy Gold Player Editions of it. In 2010, he wore size 17 sneakers but has grown several inches since. Nike has yet to approve his signature shoe line request.