What is Andrew Wiggins’ Shoe Size?

NBA players take great care and pride in selecting their shoes because the proper sneakers can make or break their performance on the court. Wearing inappropriate footwear could result in ankle injuries or poor grip on the court surface.

Andrew Wiggins is a young NBA player with incredible potential, possessing size and leaping ability that few others possess. The Minnesota Timberwolves forward is widely respected for his scoring prowess, defensive versatility and rebounding prowess.



If you follow NBA basketball, Andrew Wiggins is likely one of your favourite players. Since being selected first overall by Cleveland Cavaliers in 2014 NBA draft, the wing player has made waves both on the hardwood and as part of Canadian national team.

He recently inked a shoe deal with Peak, a Chinese brand, and has been wearing their Player Exclusive sneakers in most games this season – but has also worn Kobe Bryant’s Nike signature sneakers with their logo covered up for some games this year, which he’s seen incredible success wearing!

Wiggins is an all-round performer – scoring, rebounding, passing the ball to teammates, dunking successfully on defense and showing his versatility on offense – who possesses great passing ability across various positions on defense. From his dunks to defensive versatility or passing to teammates; Wiggins has demonstrated himself as a star-in-waiting.


Andrew Wiggins holds an inextricable link to Canada and takes great pleasure in representing it on the basketball court. To do this, he wears several PEAK sneakers every season as an expression of pride for both country and team; these stylish yet technologically-advanced shoes provide an incredible on-court experience.

Andrew Wiggins made an impressionful mark as an all-around player at Huntington Prep School and the University of Kansas, attracting NBA scouts who selected him with the No.1 pick in 2014. Cleveland Cavaliers selected Wiggins with this honorable selection as they placed him as their No. 1 draft choice for 2014.

Wiggins signed a multi-year deal with Chinese footwear brand PEAK after his rookie season, wearing various styles from their Crazy Explosive Low shoe line – such as his favorite combination of navy and royal blue with gold accents on logos and stripes – at various Warriors games and training sessions. A new colorway of this shoe will debut next week at Finish Line stores; check their website or Facebook for availability details.


Wiggins has quickly made himself one of the NBA’s premier young players. Boasting excellent scoring abilities as well as defensive capabilities, he is also capable of contributing on defense while possessing exceptional rebounding and passing abilities.

Wiggins was selected first overall in the 2014 NBA Draft by Cleveland Cavaliers. While at University of Kansas he led his team to victory and helped them claim national glory.

Wiggins has worn an assortment of sneakers throughout his career, switching up his footwear style periodically. After previously endorsing Nike, this season he signed with Peak and is seen often sporting their PEAK AW1 sneaker which blends style and performance; its sleek design, responsive cushioning, lightweight construction, and excellent traction capabilities perfectly suit Wiggins’ playing style. You can purchase the PEAK AW1 online.


Andrew Wiggins is known for his scoring prowess, defensive versatility, rebounding abilities and passing acumen – qualities which have quickly made him one of the Golden State Warriors’ core players. Additionally, PEAK shoes has featured him as one of their prominent NBA endorsers.

Adidas believed he could become their next franchise star when he signed with them prior to the 2014 draft, yet according to ESPN’s Nick DePaula report – they appear reluctant to give Wiggins his own signature shoe.

PEAK has recently introduced their latest lifestyle sneaker called the Peak Andrew Wiggins AW 1. This shoe’s design blends elements from popular styles such as Adidas Yeezys and Nike Kobe shoes; reviews have mixed across fans; some say it resembles James Harden’s Harden Volume 7 sneaker too much. PEAK Andrew Wiggins AW 1 can currently be purchased through their official website.