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Bol, son of former NBA player Manute Bol and currently attending Findlay Prep in Henderson, Nevada. Bol has an athletic body which shares characteristics with both of his parents – Sudanese-American Manute Bol (deceased) and his late son Bol.

NBA players tend to be tall relative to the general population and possess ample size – like Yao Ming who wears size 18 shoes!


Manute Bol was an acclaimed Sudanese American professional basketball player known for being one of the tallest players ever seen in the National Basketball Association (NBA). Additionally, he was known as an outstanding humanitarian both within his home country Sudan as well as within America, giving away much of his fortune for charitable purposes.

He stood 7 feet 7 inches (231 cm), and weighed in at 91 kilograms (200 pounds). Though very thin in physique, he maintained top condition through regular exercise sessions to stay in top physical condition and also boasted an extremely long arm span.

Bol spent 10 seasons with three NBA teams: Washington Bullets, Golden State Warriors and Philadelphia 76ers. Known for his shot blocking skills and outstanding defense on the court, he earned three All-NBA selections during this period.

Bol and his first wife gave birth to six children; his son Madut Bol is currently playing college basketball for Southern University while Femke Bol is an Australian middle-distance runner.


Manute Bol was a Sudanese-American former basketball player and political activist. Known for his immense size and ability to block shots, Bol was one of the tallest NBA players ever. Additionally, his height often allowed his team to gain a competitive edge.

Bol was born in Turalei, a village located in what is now South Sudan. His family was known for their height; both parents stood 6ft 8inches while his great-grandfather stood 7ft tall. As a youth he played soccer before eventually turning away due to his height.

He was selected by the Washington Bullets in 1985 and went on to play professionally with Rhode Island Gulls, Philadelphia 76ers and Golden State Warriors before retiring and moving to Egypt to open a basketball school he also generously donated most of his earnings to Sudan.

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Manute Bol, one of the great shot blockers in NBA history and known for his humanitarian efforts on behalf of Sudanese refugees. He died last September.

He was among 20,000 boys from Dinka and Nuer ethnic groups who fled Sudan during the Second Sudanese Civil War of the mid 1960s, known as “Lost Boys of Sudan”. These refugees eventually settled in the United States as “The Lost Boys of Sudan.”

He owns an extensive shoe collection that fills three closets at his home and wears size 22 US shoes. Bol was one of the main draws at Richland Northeast High School in Findlay for the Chick-fil-A Classic; when not starting in his starting lineup, fans chanted, “We Want Bol Bol!” He has since played every minute in both games that Findlay Prep has played thus far, averaging 19.6 points and 9.9 rebounds per game.

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Bol was among many young Dinka and Nuer boys displaced during the Second Sudanese Civil War who later settled in the United States, becoming known for his shot-blocking prowess and humanitarian work on behalf of their native land. From 1985-1995 he played professionally in the NBA where he gained notoriety for both.

Bol was selected by the Washington Bullets after graduating from The University of Bridgeport and went on to play 10 seasons for three different NBA teams during that time, becoming one of the tallest players ever seen in league history.

Bol was determined to raise money for his homeland and signed a contract with a minor league hockey team, even though he couldn’t skate, in order to raise funds. He also donned jockey’s attire as part of a publicity stunt designed to support Sudanese refugees. Bol married twice during his lifetime and shared close relationships with both Madut and Ajok – his two children from his previous relationship with Maddine.