Karl-Anthony Towns Shoe Size

Basketball shoes are an integral component of a player’s game, providing comfort and support on the court so that they can perform at their peak levels.

Karl-Anthony Towns is one of the NBA’s premier big men. With impressive scoring and rebounding abilities that make him one of the go-to sources on court, Karl is an unstoppable force on court.

Size 20

Karl-Anthony Towns’s shoe size is an impressive US 20, reflective of his towering stature and dominant presence on the basketball court. Towns’s sneaker choices from leading brands like Nike have had a profound effect on sneaker culture at large, sparking trends among enthusiasts while simultaneously increasing interest.

Towns has made his mark as a player for the Minnesota Timberwolves in multiple ways, leading the team to new heights within a short amount of time and leaving an indelible mark on basketball with his unique style and flair.

Towns’ off-court style is equally remarkable; from his eye-catching hairdo to his signature kicks, something about Towns is bound to draw people’s notice.

Foot Length

Karl-Anthony Towns is known for breaking boundaries both on and off the court, championing for racial justice through basketball and advocating for social change through advocacy efforts. A true powerhouse with a towering height that has become his trademark since day one.

Towns was chosen first overall in the 2015 NBA draft following an outstanding college career at University of Kentucky, quickly making his presence felt with Minnesota Timberwolves as an All-Star center.

KAT’s large shoe size has been an integral component of his legendary presence on the court. His selection of sneakers from leading sportswear brands like Nike – often boasting eye-catching colorways that match up perfectly with his team’s uniform colors – have greatly shaped sneaker culture. Furthermore, his large shoes allow him to perform at his highest level by providing superior comfort and support during games while helping prevent foot injuries.


Karl-Anthony Towns is well-known for his incredible basketball skills as well as his impressively large feet. A massive center for Minnesota Timberwolves of the National Basketball Association (NBA), Towns is estimated to wear shoe size 20, making him quite unusual even among NBA centers. Reportedly having feet as long as his leg, custom made shoes were made just for him!

As an undergraduate at Kentucky, he distinguished himself as one of the most promising players of his era. Following his final season with them, his performance earned him entry into the NBA draft.

On Monday, Towns shed some light on his health struggles. The Timberwolves star revealed that during his stay at a hospital he shed weight significantly; dropping to 231 from 248, but declined to specify which illness it might be related to.


Towns has made an indelible mark on NBA, already. He brings an uncommon blend of size, skill, athleticism and youth to the hardwood.

Towns also possesses an impressive wingspan, making him more adept at grabbing rebounds and blocking shots. Towns is leading a new breed of centers who possess size, skills and an “I give a damn” mentality which could transform the NBA.

He’s also known as an avid sneakerhead, often sporting flashy colorways of Nike basketball shoes in order to draw attention and set trends. In particular, he loves Hyperdunk series (especially X and 2017 models).