Jeff Teague – What is Jeff Teague’s Shoe Size?

What is Jeff Teagues Shoe Size

Jeff Teague is a point guard in the NBA. In 2015, he made his All-Star Game debut and led Atlanta Hawks to first seed status in Eastern Conference playoffs.

He is one of five children, including younger brother Marquis who also plays college basketball. His father Shawn used to be in the NBA.



Jeff Teague is an NBA player with many accolades to his name, including many awards and honors in his career. Additionally, he is known for being a popular social media figure who regularly posts content to both Instagram and Twitter accounts as well as hosting an entertaining basketball-focused podcast called Club 520.

Teague was introduced to basketball at an early age by his father Shawn who played college ball; thus instilling him with an early passion for the game. Teague is known for his team spirit; often going the extra mile in helping his teammates.

Teague has missed several games this season due to injuries. He initially sustained an ankle injury in December before sitting out eight games due to left foot issues during January and February. Teague is expected back soon averaging 9.5 points per game and 7.1 assists.


The National Basketball Association boasts some of the world’s finest athletes. As might be expected, NBA players tend to be taller than average people – on average six feet seven inches and approximately 225 pounds!

Jeff Teague was selected by the Atlanta Hawks with the 19th overall selection in 2009 NBA draft. At Wake Forest University he earned two All-American selections before competing in both McDonald’s All-American Game and Nike Hoop Summit tournaments.

Teague has long been known for his excellent team play and sense of humor off-court as well. Most recently, he made headlines after Milwaukee Bucks won NBA Finals by giving a hilarious one-liner comparing winning an A on group projects to winning the championship series itself – something many fans found highly amusing!


Teague stands out among NBA players as one of the lightest. Weighing just over 190 pounds, Teague makes an outstanding player for his size; additionally, his agility enables him to perform better on defense.

Teague was selected 19th overall in the 2009 NBA draft by Atlanta Hawks, having attended Wake Forest University. Since being selected, he has participated every season since being selected, becoming an All-Star selection in 2015.

He is an outstanding defender, capable of scoring well as well as passing. Furthermore, he makes for an outstanding point guard.

He has four siblings, including an older brother named Marquis who plays for both Fort Wayne Mad Ants and Memphis Hustle of the G-League as well as Jeonju KCC Egis in Korea Basketball League competition. Marquis is extremely passionate about both family and basketball; in his free time he loves spending it with both.


Teague has ventured into sports-related investments since his 12-year NBA career was complete, including a joint venture with former Wake Forest teammate Chris Paul to open a multipurpose training facility in Indianapolis with 18 basketball hoops, an indoor football field, as well as space for volleyball, dance and baseball training.

Teague has invested in Arlington, Virginia real estate as an investor and plans to diversify his interests into soccer ownership in time for the 2026 World Cup. He recently spoke with HoopsHype about his time with Atlanta Hawks coach Mike Budenholzer and mentoring Trae Young; post-playing plans; and postgame plans as an investor.

Jeff Teague debuted a brand-new adidas sneaker during last night’s win against the Washington Wizards – the D Rose 3 “Brenda”, which pays homage to Derrick Rose’s mother Brenda by honoring her favorite color. Check out all of Teague and other NBA player’s kicks here.