Jayson Tatum’s Shoe Size

Tatum stands out as an unparalleled talent with remarkable measurements that allow him to compete at the highest levels. His wide wingspan helps him grab rebounds and complete shots over opposing defenders.

Jordan Brand incorporated various hometown elements into the Tatum 1 sneaker for Tatum, such as his throwback St. Louis Cardinals uniform colors and nods to Archer Ave where he grew up into its design – featuring a padded ankle collar to provide extra support and cushion.


At 6’6″, Tatum makes an imposing presence on the basketball court. This height gives him the versatility to play multiple positions while providing him with an advantage when it comes to grabbing rebounds or finishing dunks.

Tatum stands 6-feet-3 and boasts an excellent vertical leap. His ability to hop nearly three feet off the floor gives him an edge in defense against dunks or making acrobatic plays around the basket.

Tatum has made an immediate mark in the NBA with his remarkable combination of physical gifts and mental acumen, so it should come as no surprise that he has made such a rapid impactful statement through the Jordan Tatum 1. Designed specifically with Tatum in mind, its lightweight frame provides structure and torsional stability during transitional movements while its large volume of Zoom Air provides cushioning needed for quick cuts or explosive moves. Finally, there’s also the added comfort provided by its padded ankle collar design as well as an optimized traction pattern optimized specifically designed for clean courts – making an excellent statement by itself!


Jayson Tatum boasts a long wingspan that allows him to cover a lot of ground on the court, giving him an advantage when driving toward the basket or trying to secure a rebound. Due to this asset, it makes him very difficult for opposing players to defend against.

Tatum is an up-and-coming star in the NBA who already boasts many accolades and accomplishments to his name – set for great things over time!

Tatum plays for the Boston Celtics and enjoys immense popularity among NBA fans. Additionally, he serves as an inspirational figure to young African-American athletes and advocates for social justice issues through his platform. Deuce is close to both of his parents; they support his career and often attend his games – particularly Brandy who encourages him to remain true to himself and remain authentic in life and career.

Vertical Leap

NBA players possess some of the highest vertical leaps in the world, which gives them an edge on the court. Vertical leap is used to corral defensive rebounds and score from the rim; Zion Williamson stands out with an astounding 45-inch vertical leap – an effective weapon to threaten opposing defenses on both ends of the floor.

Jayson Tatum boasts an impressive 32.5-inch vertical leap, which allows him to shoot over defenders on defense and score inside. Additionally, his long arms give him an advantage offensively as they allow him to contest shots and disrupt passing lanes.

Jordan Brand’s signature shoe for Boston Celtics power forward and small forward Jay Tatum is the JT1. Designed with his comfort in mind, the sneaker features an ultra-light TPU frame to eliminate excess material as well as ground contact rubber for improved court feel.

Shoe Size

Jayson Tatum currently wears shoe size 14. While this may seem like an inconsequential detail, shoes play an enormously influential role in any player’s performance. A larger shoe can provide stability and support while smaller shoes allow for greater agility and quickness; Tatum’s shoe size balances these qualities perfectly to allow him to compete at his highest level while staying comfortable on the court.

Jordan Brand unveiled this season its inaugural signature shoe for young starlet Tatum: Jordan Tatum 1. Crafted to complement Tatum’s quick transitional movements and quick transitional movement patterns, its lightweight sneaker features an uncaged Zoom Air unit for responsive cushioning without compromising court feel.

Tatum’s initial colorway pays tribute to St. Louis, featuring colors of his baseball team and Archer Ave (where he lived as a youth). Additionally, “I Just Didn’t Quit”, an ink phrase Tatum has tattooed onto his leg, is included on top along with a barbershop fade that pays homage to Tatum’s always-sharp lineup and fade.