Carmelo Anthony Shoe Size

What is Carmelo Anthonys Shoe Size

Carmelo Anthony is an NBA superstar wearing US size 15 footwear. As one of the greatest scorers ever and an All-Star selection ten times over his career, Anthony was first selected by Denver Nuggets with the third overall pick and has also played for New York Knicks and Oklahoma City Thunder teams.


Carmelo Anthony is one of the NBA’s most celebrated and accomplished basketball players, holding all-star status for 10 seasons and collecting many awards throughout his career. Additionally, he has served as face for several Jordan Brand shoe lines.

Carmello Anthony is an exceptionally gifted forward who can play multiple positions on the court. Known for his incredible scoring prowess and hard work ethic on the basketball court, his height allows him to easily dominate in the paint while scoring around the basket.

Ten-time All-Star Stephen Curry stands at 6 feet 8 inches. His height and wingspan give him an immense advantage on the basketball court, while wearing proper shoe sizes ensures comfort, support, agility, precision gameplay as well as protection from blisters or calluses – benefits which make proper shoe sizes essential for basketball players.


Carmelo Anthony boasts an incredible wingspan of 6 feet 8 inches, giving him an immense advantage on the basketball court. His combination of height and reach allows him to score points through various avenues such as driving past opponents or jumping over them, or driving directly at them for points.

In 2003, as a freshman at Syracuse University, he led them to victory in their inaugural national championship tournament. Since joining the NBA a few months later, he has proven himself one of the greatest pure scorers ever seen on its court.

Carmelo Anthony is well known as an NBA star, but he’s also an accomplished musician and actor – appearing in numerous movies and TV shows while his music can be heard on soundtracks from films and shows alike.

Jordan Brand has unveiled the Jordan Melo M10 sneakers as part of a celebration for Carmelo Anthony’s 10th anniversary with their brand. These eye-catching footwear come equipped with bold colorways and premium leather construction; available now on StockX for just $242 each pair.


Carmelo Anthony is an American professional basketball player currently representing the New York Knicks in the National Basketball Association (NBA). He has made ten All-Star game appearances and three scoring titles since being selected 3rd overall by Denver Nuggets for their 2003 draft.

Anthony wears US size 15 shoes to enable quick movement across the court and limit his risk of blisters and calluses, which could inhibit his performance. With their proper fit, these shoes also reduce blisters and calluses that could interfere with his play.

Carmelo Anthony is an active philanthropist, having donated over four million dollars to various community projects and charities. With an affinity for social justice he holds his Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Social Justice Champion title. At four years old he fell off of a speaker, leaving a scar above his left eye. Married to Alani “La La” Vazquez and father to son Kiyan Carmelo Anthony he also holds endorsement deals with Jordan Brand, Eastern Motors, Phiten and SMS Audio respectively.


Carmelo Anthony made an immediate impactful entrance into the NBA in 2003 as the third overall pick in the draft, leading Syracuse to victory and becoming one of the first one-and-done players with his own signature shoe line from Jordan Brand.

Melo line shoes are inspired by those Carmelo wears during games for an authentic look and feel. Furthermore, each design is tailored specifically for Carmelo’s US size 15 foot to ensure optimal comfort and performance.

These shoes feature details to reflect Carmelo’s individuality, such as elements from Baltimore skyline and Puerto Rican flag graphic stars that represent Puerto Rico flag, and “AU7 9/08,” an allusion to his 2008 Olympic Gold Medal win. Furthermore, colorways from each team he played for (Denver Nuggets and New York Knicks) celebrate him.