Bill Russell Shoe Size

NBA teams boast some massive players, and their shoes reflect this fact. Players who rank among the biggest in the league typically wear size 12 footwear.

Bill Russell was one of the greatest centers in basketball history, leading the Boston Celtics to eleven championships in 13 seasons and speaking out against racism and military conflict. Additionally, he was an outspoken activist against both issues.


Bill Russell was a world-class 6 foot 10 athlete who excelled at basketball and track and field. As an Olympic high jumper ranked seventh worldwide, Bill cleared his own height feet first over a bar!

Born in Monroe, Louisiana and raised in Oakland, California. From poor beginnings he developed into an exceptional basketball player for the US Olympic team that won gold at 1956 Olympics.

After competing at the Olympics, he was acquired by the Boston Celtics via draft pick trading with St Louis Hawks. His contribution enabled them to build an NBA dynasty.

He was an outstanding defensive and offensive rebounding player for the Boston Celtics and an extraordinary leader who led them to many victories. Additionally, he was very involved with civil rights activism, opposing Vietnam War as well.


Bill Russell made an indelible mark on basketball history. As one of its dominant defensive centers, he helped the Boston Celtics capture eight consecutive championships between 1959 and 1966 – serving as the dominant force on court during his time in the NBA. Bill was also an integral member of civil rights activism throughout his professional athletic career – fighting tirelessly for social change throughout his life as an athlete.

Russell was known for using his long arms to his advantage. An outstanding rebounder and defender, he won two NCAA championships with University of San Francisco in 1955 and 1956 – winning both titles as natural leader with Wilt Chamberlain considering him the greatest center he had ever faced! Not as adept at scoring as modern big men but skilled enough at blocking shots and intimidating opponents, Russell made his mark by becoming one of history’s premier centers.

Shoe Size

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William Felton Russell may have been perceived as an easily forgettable player during his youth, yet went on to win 11 NBA championships with the Boston Celtics over 13 seasons – an achievement no other player can match.

Russell was also heavily involved with the Civil Rights movement during his career and is widely known for being honest and outspoken about social issues, helping others both within the sports world and society as a whole. In 1997, his number was retired by the NBA – it is currently one of only one number that is retired across all teams in the league.


Bill Russell was one of the greatest centers in NBA history, dominating center position during late 1950s and early 1960s era and winning 11 championships – particularly against Wilt Chamberlain who often faced him off head on.

He was also an outspoken activist who supported civil rights causes and opposed Vietnam War policies. Although controversial due to his activism, his on-court brilliance allowed people to overlook his activism.

The Boston Celtics paid their own tribute to Bill Russell prior to their season opener in October 2022 when Jaylen Brown donned custom sneakers featuring him – similar to the Converse All-Star Chuck Taylors featuring Bill’s image on them – before game one of that season.