Adidas Signs NBA Legend Tracy McGrady to a Lifetime Deal

Tracy McGrady’s long and celebrated NBA career was marked by his longstanding partnership with Adidas sneakers – specifically their T-Mac shoes which became symbols of his fearless play style. Boardroom explores this fascinating partnership.

McGrady has become an adidas athlete of note since joining Toronto Raptors and Houston Rockets teams; as well as creating a global fan base.



When buying basketball shoes, several things should be kept in mind when shopping. You should take your foot size and style preferences into account as well as ensure they come from a reputable brand.

T-Mac made history when he signed a lifetime deal with adidas in 2002. That deal catapulted his athleticism to another level – Gilbert Arenas once commented that anything T-Mac said went without question!

McGrady’s shoes on the court reflected his dynamic playing style; they were tailored to be fast, responsive, and stylish – with broad fronts to accommodate his size, as well as advanced technologies like adiPRENE+ cushioning systems to provide optimal performance during explosive movements.

The T-MAC 6 was the final installment in the T-Mac line and featured perforated, micro-pebbled, and woven leather on its uppers, as well as an upgraded outsole that used AdiPrene technology to offer exceptional motion control.


Tracy McGrady went from high school basketball stardom directly into the NBA. Drafted ninth overall by Toronto Raptors in 1997, and serving various NBA franchises such as Orlando, Houston, New York, Detroit and Atlanta over his 18 year career – McGrady was known for his amazing shooting skills that enabled him to put the ball into the basket with ease.

McGrady joined forces with Adidas after his long and distinguished career to design his signature sneaker line – T-Mac 2. These shoes were tailored to match his playful style and enhance on-court performance, becoming part of an icon’s repertoire.

In 2008, T-Mac series continued with the TS Lightspeed’s release – an mid-top shoe designed specifically to be an optimal court performer with its Grond Control System providing exceptional motion control and strategically-placed GeoFit cushioning pods in its outsole. Furthermore, this shoe comes in various colorways.


In the early 2000s, basketball and its footwear reached a golden age. While superstars like Kobe Bryant and LeBron James dominated their respective NBA leagues, another player named Tracy McGrady made waves as an upstart midrange shooter who would ultimately go down in NBA history as T-Mac’s high scoring career and deadly midrange jump shot earned him induction into its Hall of Fame. Furthermore, T-Mac enjoyed an ongoing partnership with adidas; experimenting with Mad Handle sneakers before receiving his own signature line in 2002.

These shoes were specially tailored to McGrady, aiding his agility and game style on the court. Fans and other players also loved his signature sneakers – they continue to sell today even after T-Mac has retired from playing basketball but continues to tour Asia as an adidas ambassador. Additionally, Adidas continues to release new editions of his signature sneakers that blend performance with style for anyone wanting something stylish that keeps him or her going hard in every game!


Adidas announced on Friday that NBA icon Tracy McGrady has signed a lifetime deal with them, in which royalties will be paid on every pair of shoes sold – similar to what Allen Iverson signed with Reebok.

McGrady only played for 10 years in the NBA but remains one of its greatest scorers ever. Additionally, he had an incredibly popular signature shoe line with adidas which proved immensely successful.

His shoes featured a leather upper with adiPrene cushioning, making them extremely popular during his career and continuing production today.

McGrady often thanked adidas for their continued support over the years when being honored with induction into the Hall of Fame, even bringing out old and new McGrady shoes to mark this eventful occasion.