Yao Ming Shoe Size

What is Yao Mings Shoe Size

Yao Ming is a former professional basketball player from China. He played for both Shanghai Sharks of the Chinese Basketball Association and Houston Rockets of the National Basketball Association; earning 8 All-NBA Team nods as well as 8 All-Star appearances.

Yao Ming, as the tallest player in NBA history, was larger than life both physically and metaphorically. His incredible height presented unique challenges and led many people to question what size shoes he wore?


Yao Ming stands 7 feet 6 inches and weighs 310 pounds; his shoe size of 18 US makes him significantly taller than average for NBA players, necessitating shoe companies to come up with innovative solutions in designing custom shoes just for him.

Yao Ming was born in Shanghai on September 12th 1980 to Yao Zhiyuan (6 feet 7 inches) and Fang Fengdi (also a professional basketball player). Yao began playing basketball at age nine while attending a special junior sports school.

Yao has reached the NBA playoffs four times and been honored as an All-Star eight times, retiring due to foot injuries in 2011. Since that time, he and wife Ye Li have resided together in Katy, Texas; they met during 2000 when Ye gave him some souvenir pins from the Olympics as a present.


Yao Ming was an unparalleled force on the basketball court, not only due to his height but also for his amazing skills. Over his career he averaged 19 points and 9.2 rebounds per game while winning 8 All-Star Games and being selected 5 times for an All-NBA Team selection.

His shoe size was an integral factor to his success on the court, as it allowed him to quickly and confidently move across it. Wearing US size 18 shoes posed unique challenges that required footwear manufacturers to provide customized solutions specifically tailored for him.

Yao Ming stood tall among NBA players, but few can match his immense stature. His giant feet served as a reminder of this extraordinary presence on the basketball court; Dwight Howard and DeAndre Jordan both wear size 17 shoes; while Yao’s massive feet put him alongside such legendary figures as Shaq and Tacko Fall who wear size 20 footwear.

Body Measurements

Yao Ming was an iconic 7’6″ NBA basketball player who ruled with his size and skill, playing for Houston Rockets throughout his career and being named an All-Star eight times – also being recognized as the first foreign-born player to lead voting for Western Conference All-Star voting.

Yao Ming had shoes that were US size 18 and European size 52.5; both sizes significantly larger than what is usually found among men.

He experienced difficulty when trying on appropriate footwear; however, several shoe companies offered customized solutions to address his issue and optimize his performance on the court. Furthermore, his size made him one of the largest players ever to step foot onto a basketball court, cementing his legacy as one of the greatest centers ever seen in any league.

Shoe Size

NBA players tend to be tall compared to their general population, yet their height doesn’t always translate to massive foot sizes. Yao Ming was one of the biggest players ever on court yet only wears size 18 footwear!

Although he’s substantially larger than many NBA centers like Dwight Howard and DeAndre Jordan, his feet appear similar to a regular person’s feet. Additionally, this applies to other tall players like Javale McGee who wears size 22 shoes.

Yao Ming was widely revered not only for his extraordinary physical stature, but for his extraordinary basketball skills and dominance on the court. An 8-time NBA All-Star and 5-time All-NBA Team member before retiring due to injuries in 2011, Yao has since engaged in various endeavors such as philanthropy and animal preservation; starting his own wine label. Yao remains an icon worldwide who still commands immense reverence among fans worldwide.