What is Vince Carter’s Shoe Size?

Vince Carter made headlines early in his NBA career when he switched from Puma to And1 as his initial endorsement deal expired. Today, his shoes from that era remain iconic within basketball culture.

One of those shoes was worn during his triumphant performance at the 2000 Slam Dunk Contest and helped propel him to become one of the greatest contest dunkers ever.


Nike and Carter have had one of the greatest endorsement partnerships in sports history. Over his career, the shoemaker tailored shoes specifically to him and his style of play while taking into account his larger shoe size – evidence of Nike’s dedication to using innovative sports technology to boost performance on court.

Carter made waves in basketball as both a high school McDonald’s All-American and University of North Carolina lottery pick, quickly emerging as a force on the court for both teams. Carter quickly established himself with the Toronto Raptors as a superstar, winning Rookie of the Year in 1999 while participating in the 2000 NBA Slam Dunk Contest with stunning creativity and raw athleticism that distinguished him from competitors.

Carter made headlines throughout his career for donning various pairs of Nike Shox BB4 sneakers – but none more so than when they made their comeback in 2018. Releasing again this year, you may still be able to purchase them, although perhaps not at their original popularity level.


Vince Carter is an Atlanta Hawks guard-forward known for being one of the greatest dunkers in NBA history. He has won multiple awards and recognition throughout his career as well as being an original member of their national basketball team.

Vince Carter made history over his 22-year professional basketball career by donning various pairs of sneakers. Most notably he donned Toronto Raptors uniforms but he also represented Nets, Magic, and Grizzlies teams among many others.

Carter made history during his NBA career by winning multiple championships and garnering many All-Star appearances. Furthermore, his charismatic personality and high-flying style of play quickly made him an NBA celebrity.


The NBA is an intensely competitive sport that demands athleticism and strength from its participants. Ensuring players wear appropriate footwear is crucial in order to perform at their peak and avoid injury; proper shoes also help absorb impacts associated with gravity-defying dunks or rapid direction changes.

Carter was tall enough to wear Nike Shox BB4 PE sneakers with his name and number 15 written on them; these blue and white kicks he donned for all of 2000 with the Toronto Raptors.

On eBay now are Carter’s shoes that would be an amazing addition to any basketball collection. He signed each toe of them prior to playing his first NBA game after competing in the 2000 Slam Dunk Contest, cementing his status as one of history’s greatest dunkers.

Injury Risk

Large shoe sizes increase the risk of injury. To decrease this risk, it is crucial to have shoes designed specifically for basketball as this will help prevent blisters and twisted ankles from occurring.

Vince Carter quickly won over fans when he entered the NBA thanks to his soaring style and impressive highlight-reel dunks, quickly becoming fan favorites and helping Toronto Raptors reach playoffs for the first time ever in franchise history. Carter was even picked in fifth round draft in 1998 despite quickly rising through ranks to stardom.

Through his career, Carter amassed an extensive roster of endorsements. These included Gatorade, Bell Canada, Wilson, Dave & Buster’s and Cadbury to name just a few; yet by far his most sought-after partnership remains with Nike due to his iconic sneakers which remain on sale today; specifically the Shox VC which features an outer skin, zippers over laces, signature pull straps and more!