What Is Michael Jordan’s Shoe Size?

Michael Jordans Shoe Size

Michael Jordan remains one of the greatest basketball players of all time, winning multiple championships and creating his own successful sneaker brand.

Jordan often wore mismatched shoes during his career; for instance, his left foot could fit comfortably into a size 13 shoe while his right foot required slightly larger footwear.

Size 13.5

Michael Jordan was one of the greatest basketball players ever, and his signature sneakers have become a cultural phenomenon. Fans and collectors are fascinated by more than just their design – they want to know which size shoe he wears!

Answer to this question is size 13. Athletes typically wear size 13 shoes to achieve optimal performance and stability during games. There have been reports that Jordan wears large-sized footwear just so his feet appear smaller, however this is untrue.

Jordan’s signature Nike Air Jordan shoes can be purchased in various styles and colors, including his 1985-1986 season pair of Air Jordan 1 TYPS (Tong Yang Player Sample). One pair listed as size 13 on one foot while size 13 1/2 on another foot.

Size 13.2

Michael Jordan earned fame during his legendary NBA career for his signature dunks and clutch performances – but his large-than-life persona reached beyond basketball itself to his revolutionary sneaker line, revolutionizing sneaker sales industry-wide and transcending basketball itself.

As is common among NBA players, Jordan often wears sneakers several sizes bigger than his peers due to their sport’s demands of athleticism requiring greater foot size than is typically found with ordinary feet sizes. But as his case demonstrates, this does not correlate directly with his skillset or level of proficiency on court.

These white, black, and red Chicago Bulls Air Jordan 1s were Game-Worn by legendary athlete MJ and feature left foot sizes 13 and 13 1/2 respectively. Tagging on these shoes shows they are PE (Player Exclusive) versions produced between February 2 and April 4 of 1985 as per player exclusive production tagging information; signed off by him with bold black permanent marker signature.

Size 13.3

The Air Jordan 13 sneaker model is an iconic sneaker model designed to pay tribute to one of the greatest basketball players ever. Available in various colorways and designed to fit true to size, its molded foam upper and midfoot strap provide support and comfort while its rubber outsole ensures grip on any court surface.

Michael Jordan amassed many accolades during his legendary NBA career, such as six championships and multiple MVP awards. Additionally, he served as an iconic cultural figure who inspired generations of athletes to follow in his footsteps.

Jordan’s large feet were certainly an advantage to his game, but they weren’t the only characteristic that set him apart from other players of his era. His unique combination of speed, power and precision made him one of the most feared competitors on the court.

Additionally, Jordan often donned mismatched shoes to showcase his individuality and sense of style. This even broke NBA footwear rules when he launched his signature sneaker line with Air Jordan XIs.

Size 13.4

Michael Jordan was one of the greatest basketball players ever, renowned for his clutch performances and spectacular dunks. Additionally, he revolutionized footwear through his signature Air Jordan shoes which remain highly coveted and often fetch thousands on resale platforms such as GOAT and StockX.

Jordan donned several pairs of Air Jordan 1s during his NBA career in various colors. But two specific pairs stood out: they fit his left foot comfortably at size 13 while his right needed 13.5.

Though seemingly minor, Jordan’s success on the court despite having smaller feet than many of his competitors is testament to his outstanding athleticism and talent. Using his impressive athleticism he managed to compensate for this disadvantageous fact of his game.