What is Larry Bird’s Shoe Size?

What is Larry Birds Shoe Size

No matter your interest, knowing the size shoes an NBA player wears can be invaluable information. Knowing this details their unique physical attributes that contribute to their success on the court.

Larry Bird of the Boston Celtics stands out among legendary basketball players. Known for his shooting prowess and fierce competitiveness, his name remains one of the most revered in history.

Size 13

Larry Bird reigned supreme over the NBA like few others have in its history. A 3-time champion, 12-time All-Star and Hall-of-Famer alike, Bird was an unparalleled force both offensively and defensively – earning three championships, 12 All-Star appearances and being honored with hall of fame status – becoming one of the greatest icons ever in basketball.

Bird was an integral member of the Boston Celtics team during his professional career, playing both small forward and power forward positions for them and contributing to three NBA championships as a prolific shooter and rebounder. His size 13 shoes played an essential part of this success on the court.

Even worn and scuffed sneakers are worth thousands of dollars according to RR Auction. They expect bidding from both collectors and casual fans of basketball at this auction, which takes place August 20. RR Auction provides authentication via player hologram from Boston Celtics team player Kevin Garnett for this pair.

Size 17

Larry Bird was an iconic basketball player known for his shooting accuracy and leadership on the court, but there were other factors which played into his success such as shoe size.

Bird wore Converse sneakers during his entire NBA career and now they are up for auction by RR Auction. Each shoe measures US 9.5 and features handwritten signatures from Bird (Celtics and Hall-of-Famer). Furthermore, this lot comes complete with an official PSA/DNA hologram for added authenticity.

Though seemingly minor, shoe size can have an enormous effect on one’s performance in certain sports. This is especially true for athletes with larger feet who require shoes specifically built to accommodate them; wide enough shoes provide them with stability while helping maintain balance on court.

Size 18

Basketball requires balance, coordination and skill – as such shoe size plays a key role in their ability to perform certain maneuvers and shoot accurately on the court.

Bird’s large feet provided him with an advantageous platform from which he could move and shoot, playing an integral role in his success in the NBA.

Bird’s height and athletic prowess enabled him to dominate the NBA during its peak years in the 1980s. His unique playing style was unstoppable on the court, while his height enabled him to shoot over defenders and play multiple positions. Bird spent his entire career with Boston Celtics while serving as an ambassador for NBA brand; even featuring in a Converse commercial alongside Magic Johnson which ultimately led them into friendship.

Size 19

The NBA boasts some of the finest athletes in the world, and their physical features can often be an intriguing source of fascination among fans. One such aspect is a player’s shoe size – an indicator of overall height.

Example: a player wearing size 17 shoes could be 6’9″. These athletes require ample room in their footwear to prevent friction that could result in blisters or other foot ailments.

Larry Bird was among many NBA players in the 1980s who signed shoe contracts with Converse. Known as one of its biggest advocates and supporters during his playing career, Larry helped popularize their “Weapon” line of shoes known as the Weapon series. This lot contains two pair of Converse basketball shoes size US 9.5 that have been hand-signed by Larry Bird (Celtics, Hall-of-Famer). These signatures have been authenticated by PSA/DNA and come complete with official hologram and COA for authenticity purposes.