What is Kyrie Irving’s Shoe Size?

What is Kyrie Irvings Shoe Size

Nike and NBA superstar Kyrie Irving have collaborated to design his signature Kyrie series of basketball shoes. These innovative features reflect Irving’s vibrant personality as well as the high demands of his game.

His US size 12 feet served as the basis of his signature shoes, providing snug fitting and efficient support required for high-intensity games. Furthermore, personal preferences also shaped their design.


Kyrie Irving is an NBA professional basketball player for the Boston Celtics in the National Basketball Association (NBA), best known for his exceptional on-court skills and high IQ. Aside from basketball, Kyrie has also proven his mettle as an actor by portraying Uncle Drew in 2018 sports comedy film Uncle Drew.

His signature shoe line with Nike is a testament to both his style and commitment to basketball, featuring innovative features that allow him to perform at his peak on the court.

So as to ensure Irving’s shoes fit perfectly, they are specifically crafted according to his US size 12 feet as a guideline for their design. Their mid-top designs offer ample ankle support during high intensity games as well as effective support during crossovers and beastly traction; plus they’re affordable and comfortable enough for daily wear!


Basketball is an extremely physically demanding sport, and having shoes that meet player’s exact measurements is key to reaching peak performance. Irving uses his US size 12 foot as the blueprint for designing his signature shoes to provide snug fits with enough support to withstand intense gameplay.

Nike Kyrie shoes are known for their sleek designs, breathable materials and advanced cushioning systems. Furthermore, these multidirectional traction patterns help players grip different types of courts.

Kyrie Irving’s mesmerizing handles and scoring prowess belie his humble demeanor on and off the court, and he often inspires fans and young athletes with inspirational tweets. Kyrie has even tried his luck as an actor by taking on the title role in 2018 sports comedy film Uncle Drew; additionally he has signed endorsement deals with several brands such as Nike, New Balance, Ethics and Anta.

Shoe Size

Kyrie Irving stands at an astounding 1.88 meters (6 feet 2 inches). His impressive size and physique has enabled him to develop an incredible level of skill and agility on the basketball court.

Nike Kyrie series shoes were created to fit his unique foot size and shape, providing the optimal balance of speed, comfort, and stability. The first four silhouettes feature mesh bases with fuse overlays while fifth up to seventh iterations have a kurim synthetic leather midfoot cage for stability and protection.

Nike parted ways with Irving in 2022, yet he continues to explore alternative shoe deals. Reportedly contacting Adidas, New Balance and Ethics; testing Anta sneakers at NBA summer camp; Anta was even represented at his NBA summer camp! Irving likely plans on signing with one of these companies so as to maintain his signature style and brand identity on court.


Kyrie Irving is an iconic NBA player renowned for his incredible handles and scoring prowess. Additionally, Nike offers him his own signature shoe collection that is tailored specifically to his foot shape – providing optimal comfort and stability during high-intensity games. His US size 12 shoes offer ideal cushioning while providing stability during intense competition.

Kyrie Irving has designed his Kyrie series shoes with unique patterns that reflect his creativity and commitment to basketball. These lightweight yet durable sneakers feature innovative cushioning technology for maximum performance enhancement.

Irving isn’t limited to just creating his signature shoes; he has also collaborated with various companies and products to produce special sneakers. One such partnership involved working with Nickelodeon on creating the Nike Kyrie Spongebob Collection featuring characters like Patrick, Squidward, Sandy and Mr. Krabs.

Since Nike released him from its contract in 2022, Irving has been exploring other sneaker deals. Reportedly contacting Adidas, New Balance, Ethics and Anta are among these potential opportunities for sneaker deals.