What is Kristaps Porzingis’ Shoe Size?

What is Kristaps Porzingiss Shoe Size

NBA star Kristaps Porzingis boasts an unconventional shoe size that helps him dominate on the basketball court. His custom adidas Crazy Explosive sneakers provide maximum comfort and performance on the hardwood.

adidas recently signed a long-term footwear and apparel endorsement deal with Latvian power forward Ronny Turinskis that will lead to him creating his own signature shoe in due time. Turinskis has worn special PE pairs of adidas team shoes last season.


Kristaps Porzingis is one of the NBA’s most promising young players, known for his scoring and rebounding prowess. At 7 feet 3 inches he stands as one of its tallest players – making him difficult for opponents to guard and creating problems on defense.

After being selected with the fourth overall pick in 2015 and receiving fan booing during his debut game, he quickly proved himself worthy and has seen rapid growth since.

Although he doesn’t yet have his own signature shoe, Porzingis regularly wears adidas team shoes such as the Crazy Explosive sneakers for optimal comfort and performance on court. These shoes were specifically created to offer perfect fits that ensure optimal comfort and performance on court.


Porzingis stands out with his distinctive physical traits and large shoe size, demanding custom-made basketball shoes specifically tailored for his feet. This customizability enables him to perform at the high-intensity game of NBA basketball while reducing risk of foot injuries.

Adidas gave Knicks star Jeremy Lin an exclusive player edition of their Crazy Explosive 2017 model that features an elaborate unicorn design on its outsole. This amazing collaboration between marketing agency Match MG and designer Silverback resulted in this unique piece.

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Special Features

Basketball is an intensely physical game, and choosing the appropriate pair of shoes is crucial to performing at your best. Shoes that fit properly can reduce foot injuries, improve court stability, enhance agility, and ensure optimal comfort throughout play.

Porzingis recently inked a seven-year shoe and apparel deal with adidas, making him the highest-paid European NBA sneaker endorser. His contract could pay him between $3-6 Million annually depending on performance incentives on court.

adidas released a special edition of Kristaps Porzingis’ Crazy Explosive shoes featuring his nickname of The Unicorn on the soles – to commemorate his new contract with them and commemorate their release, online and select stores. These limited-edition sneakers can now be found for purchase online and at select retail outlets.


Porzingis, who joined the NBA just last season after being selected fourth overall by the New York Knicks in 2015 draft, has quickly made waves with his play in just his short tenure so far. A Dallas Mavericks center, he displays incredible potential as both power forward and center.

As much as it might look attractive, shoe size serves more than an aesthetic purpose in his sport; larger shoes provide wider bases that help facilitate balance and stability as well as reduce injury risks while increasing agility and speed.

As part of his adidas contract, Porzingis will initially wear custom player editions of their team models. After reaching certain on-court performance goals, he may earn himself signature shoes; until then he’ll keep wearing adidas Crazy Explosive sneakers.


Kristaps Porzingis’s massive shoe size serves a practical purpose on the basketball court. These larger footwear help him maintain a stable base and better balance, essential qualities in a game with constant movements and direction changes. Furthermore, custom made footwear can ensure maximum comfort while decreasing risk of injuries.

Knicks star Kristaps Porzingis has become one of the premier NBA franchises, and his popularity in New York City has made him an invaluable marketing asset for adidas. Last season, his jersey was the fourth-best seller among league members behind LeBron James, Kobe Bryant and Stephen Curry.

Recently, he inked an unprecedented seven-year sneaker deal with adidas that marked their biggest ever European player deal ever. He will wear their Crazy Explosive line, featuring shoes with Knicks colors on them as an unique feature.