What is Kobe Bryant’s Shoe Size?

What is Kobe Bryants Shoe Size

Kobe Bryant reigned supreme for two decades in the NBA, leaving an unforgettable mark both on the court and through his signature Nike sneaker line.

He was an all-around basketball talent and fierce competitor who stood at 1.98 meters and weighed in at 96 kilograms – attributes which contributed significantly to his extraordinary agility and performance on the basketball court.



Kobe Bryant’s US size 14 shoe size had a major effect on his performance on the basketball court, something to keep in mind when selecting footwear for your next game. By providing him with an unyielding platform of stability, his shoe size allowed for quick pivots and agility on court.

Kobe Bryant took inspiration from Michael Jordan in designing his game and signature Nike shoes accordingly. For instance, his initial two editions featured traditional basketball sneakers to complement his trademark crossover moves.

Nike expanded the construction in subsequent releases of Kobe shoes by incorporating straps and patterns. Their most recent Kobe shoe release – the KB8 System TB – featured their FastFit technology that utilizes straps and cables to manually tighten and lock feet into place, much like it has been employed with Kyrie 5 and Air Zoom Huarache DX models.


Kobe Bryant was one of the greatest scorers in NBA history. A fierce competitor both offensively and defensively, his height played an instrumental role in his ability to outmaneuver opponents and control the game of basketball. A properly fitting pair of shoes also contributed to his success by increasing agility while decreasing risk of injury.

Vanessa, Kobe’s wife, measured him a few years back and discovered that he is actually 6-foot-4 and 3/4, not 6ft6″. Although this might seem like an insignificant detail, it contributes greatly to his legacy and proves he truly was tall!

Bryant was not only tall; he was also lean and muscular. With measurements of 41-35-39 inches (104-89-99 cm) for chest, waist and hips – which allowed him to play the game with great power and speed while leaping high off of the ground and finishing strong in the paint – Bryant made himself into an athletic figure on and off the court.


Kobe Bryant was an American professional basketball player for the Los Angeles Lakers of the National Basketball Association (NBA). At 6 feet and 5 inches and weighing in at 96 kilograms, he follows a strict diet plan in order to maintain his bodyweight and rest regularly – both important factors when competing in sports.

At one point in his 20-year NBA career, he won five championships, was named to 15 All-NBA teams and 12 All-Defensive squads and served as voiceover artist and actor in many popular movies such as Michael Jackson: 30th Anniversary Celebration.

After retiring from basketball, Bryant continued selling shoes for Nike after taking legal action to gain control of his signature sneaker line – this could cost the company millions and place fans’ hands back on these sneakers.


Since partnering with Nike in 2006, Kobe Bryant’s signature shoes have become iconic for their performance, innovation, and style. Each year saw new models of these sneakers emerge that incorporated cutting-edge technologies tailored specifically to his game and personality.

Furthermore, Bryant’s footwear featured colorways that honored some of his most significant moments in his career – for instance the “61 Points” sneakers (white with purple and gold detailing) commemorated the 61 points Bryant scored during 2009 NBA Finals series.

Due to their popularity among both basketball fans and sneakerheads alike, these sneaker were highly desired by both. Some pairs even sold for up to $5,000 on platforms like StockX and GOAT due to being limited edition and hard to come by; additionally they featured premium materials, like herringbone traction and high density foam midsoles; in addition to being designed specifically to fit players with large feet.