What is Kevin Durant’s Shoe Size?

What is Kevin Durants Shoe Size

As KD stepped up to the 3-point line and took an improbable game-winning shot against Milwaukee Bucks, his size 18 shoes only just brushing past it – this tiny detail could have changed everything and cost Brooklyn Nets the Eastern Conference Finals if KD hadn’t hit his shot with precision.

Durant stands 6 foot 10 and wears size 18 shoes, making him one of the tallest players in the NBA.

Size 18

After experiencing a misstep during the 2021 playoffs that left him questioning what might have been, Royce Young discovered that Kevin Durant wears shoes one size larger when playing basketball than when wearing sneakers for recreational activities. According to Chris Herring, this larger shoe allows him to achieve feather-light feel on court.

Durant’s large feet have inspired Nike to design his own line of signature Nike shoes. Knowing his shoe size can provide fans with insight into why Durant is such an impactful player on the basketball court.

Size 17

These shoes are absolutely massive. Measuring 13 5/16″, their length exceeds by nearly one inch the standard line on a basketball court.

Durant has long been known for his impressive skills and dominant presence on the court, but his size has often been the topic of discussion among fans. His large feet play a significant role in his success on the court.

Size 16

Durant stands 6 feet 10 inches and commands respect on the basketball court, yet his massive feet make an impressionful statement about who he is as an individual.

Durant wears size 18 shoes, one full size larger than most NBA players. His large feet enable him to move faster and be more agile on the court; they also allow him to more efficiently collect rebounds and block shots.

Size 15

Durant has established himself as one of the premier basketball players in the league while simultaneously becoming an iconic fashion figure through his signature sneaker line with Nike, most notably, KD 15, which has been released in multiple colorways.

The KD 15 comes equipped with signature symbols from YouTube such as its search bar and red play button, plus extra cushioning thanks to Strobel technology.

Size 14

While Kevin Durant’s shoes may appear large, professional basketball players often possess extremely large feet to allow them to excel at their positions and excel at playing the game.

Durant has his own signature line from Nike, and the KD 16 debuted during his final season with the Warriors. This shoe offers versatility, lockdown and top-tier cushioning.

Size 13

Since KD’s shoes fell off during Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Semifinals, many fans began speculating on his shoe size. Many speculate that he wears size 18 to achieve a featherlight feel on court.

Durant was contesting Michael Kidd-Gilchrist’s layup when his Nike KD10 suddenly flew off of his foot. Immediately he threw it to the sideline and swiftly resumed play.

Size 12

Durant’s new Nike shoes pay tribute to his ever-growing YouTube channel with their pattern featuring iconic YouTube symbols, such as play/pause/next, thumbs up/thumbs down.

The KD12 YouTube shoe boasts advanced features like Zoom Air units for responsive cushioning and Flywire technology for lightweight support, creating a basketball shoe tailor-made to Durant’s playing style.

Size 11

Kevin Durant’s shoe size has long been of interest among NBA fans. Recently, the Brooklyn Nets star made headlines for his impressive buzzer-beating jumper in Game 7 of the Eastern Conference semifinals series.

Durant’s attempt was controversial because his foot only briefly touched the three-point line and led many fans to speculate whether or not his shoes may have played any part in his miss.

Size 10

Kevin Durant is an NBA superstar known for his incredible athleticism and large feet. His signature shoe line with Nike includes shoes up to size 18 for this league – which is quite large by industry standards.

The KD 10 features a leather wrap around its heel and an ergonomic sock collar for optimal comfort, plus a Strobel to enhance responsiveness. Available in various colors and styles, its latest version remains extremely popular among consumers.

Size 9

Therefore, his signature sneakers have become immensely popular with sneakerheads. His latest model – the KD 10 – features Flyknit technology and an easily visible Zoom Air unit to maximize tenacity.

Durant has long been considered one of the greatest players in NBA, but his feet also stand out. When on court he wears size 18 shoes; which is one size larger than what he typically wears off-court.