What is Dwyane Wade’s Shoe Size?

Dwyane Wade spent 16 of his 26-year NBA career playing for Miami Heat and won three championships during that time.

Jordan Brand featured his signature shoes with a logo consisting of the number three, his jersey number and an encircled crosshair as his signature feature. After leaving Jordan Brand he signed with Chinese athletic brand Li-ning.

What is Dwyane Wade’s Shoe Size?

Dwyane Tyrone Wade Jr. was an American professional basketball player who spent 16 years competing in the National Basketball Association (NBA). Drafted by Miami Heat in 2003, he made much of his career there winning three championships along with multiple awards such as an All-Rookie selection, All-Star MVP award, scoring title and scoring title. Wade has also appeared in various magazine articles and publications and held endorsement deals such as Gatorade, Lincoln, Staples and Sean John while acting as face for T-Mobile Sidekick phones he was face for.

Dwyane Wade’s Jordan Size

Wade was an outstanding basketball player for years and can arguably be considered one of the greatest players ever. A gifted shooter with excellent ball handling and shooting ability, Wade always looked for ways to drive to the basket. Furthermore, his physicality allowed him to defend multiple positions well.

After retiring from basketball, Wade signed a shoe deal with Li Ning to create the Li Ning Way of Wade collection of basketball shoes – featuring stylish yet functional designs that combine fashion and function. Furthermore, Wade has appeared in multiple endorsement campaigns for such companies as Gatorade, Lincoln, Staples Sean John & T-Mobile.

Comparative to Jordan, Wade stands a bit taller. With his six-foot frame and running agility, he can run quickly while jumping high for the basketball. Furthermore, his shooting range allows him to hit from any direction on the court.

Dwyane Wade’s Li-Ning Size

Dwyane Wade made his transition from Jordan Brand to Li-ning in September 2012. Under this new brand, this basketball shoe features premium materials. Its upper knit features the wings of a dragonfly. Furthermore, there’s even an illuminated lightning bolt on each side of its upper.

These shoes feature a durable rubber outsole with an ergonomic herringbone pattern designed to facilitate quick stops. In the heel area there is carbon rubber with narrow spacing. Furthermore, there is also a DNA double-strand design on the tongue indicating their commitment to continually evolving their product line.

Shoe has great traction on indoor courts; however, outdoor surfaces do not fare so well. Therefore, finding the ideal shoe to suit your playing style and playing style will ensure optimal performance on court – Dwyane Wade is a prime example of someone who appreciates this.

Dwyane Wade’s Converse Size

Wade became one of the greatest players in NBA history during his 16-year career, winning three championships and being selected as Finals MVP twice. Drafted with the fifth overall selection out of Marquette University in 2003, Wade spent most of his time with Miami Heat while also spending time on Chicago Bulls and Cleveland Cavaliers rosters.

Wade first released his signature shoe when he signed with Jordan Brand and produced it as his debut signature model, WADE 3. This shoe symbolizes the last 12 minutes of a game and how players can increase their play in that timeframe, featuring 12 red chevrons that decrease in size from heel to toe – likened to ticking clocks – on its outsole.

Wade then joined Li-Ning and continued the WADE 4 shoe line, designed to commemorate his final year of contract with Jordan Brand and feature both his personal logo as well as graphics of Zion and Zaire – his two sons he shares custody with.