What is Carmelo Anthony’s Shoe Size?

What is Carmelo Anthonys Shoe Size

Carmelo Anthony is one of the NBA’s most revered players, known for his prolific scoring and distinctive playing style.

He operates an independent non-profit with the same name that provides various forms of aid for local communities.

He is a longtime Jordan Brand athlete with an eye-catching collection of signature shoes featuring eye-catching designs and technologies. He wears US size 15 shoes.


Carmelo Anthony, best known for playing for the Los Angeles Lakers of the National Basketball Association (NBA), is also widely known for his charitable endeavors and regularly makes donations to various causes.

Carmello began playing basketball from an early age. He attended Syracuse University and went on to win their national title before going onto become an NBA All-Star and earning four Olympic medals – making him an 11-time All-Star!

He has worn various signature shoe lines from Jordan Brand throughout his career, each tailored specifically to meet his personal and performance requirements. These sleek designs also incorporate the latest technological advancements.

Carmelo wears shoe size US 15. While this might seem inconsequential, this detail has an enormously consequential effect on his game and allows him to perform at his optimal capacity on court.


Carmelo Anthony is an athlete whose weight and height are in perfect harmony, making him a well-balanced performer. At rest he weighs 238 pounds (108 kilograms). Additionally he practices proper nutrition and training in order to ensure a healthy body.

NBA star Carmelo Anthony signed a shoe deal with Jordan Brand in 2003 and has worn their shoes throughout his career, evolving his signature collection from flashy retro styles like bright blue retro-influenced designs to sleeker designs like Jordan Melo M6.

American basketball player Kevin Durant boasts an impressive 48″ chest span and 16″ arm girth/biceps girth for athletic performance on the court. Furthermore, his athletic body measurements help him perform at his peak on court; with Dark Brown eyes and hair as well. Furthermore, this celebrity boasts over one million fans on social media.

Body Measurements

Carmelo Anthony is an iconic basketball player renowned for his deadly shooting skills that have propelled him to one of the highest scorers in NBA history. Due to this ability, Anthony has signed endorsement deals with several prominent companies including Nike’s Jordan brand, Degree deodorants, Eastern Motors and Las Vegas Sands – each signing him away as an endorser!

He has also launched his own shoe line with Jordan Brand that emphasizes design and comfort. Each pair from this collection fits Carmelo’s needs and aesthetic on the court perfectly, creating a collection that is completely mirrored in style by Carmelo himself.

Carmelo Anthony boasts ideal body measurements and an incredible wingspan, which allows him to play multiple positions on the court. His height and athleticism have made him one of the greatest players ever witnessed on court; moreover, his incredible family values make him a beloved figure within New York Knicks circles; in 2021, La La Vasquez officially became his wife after seven years together as they tied the knot.

Shoe Size

Carmelo Anthony has proven himself one of the greatest scorers in NBA history, known for his dedication and work ethic. When not on the court, he enjoys spending time with his wife La La Anthony and their son Kiyam Carmelo.

Carmelo Anthony has made his mark as an NBA player by appearing for numerous teams – the Denver Nuggets and New York Knicks being among them – as well as being part of Team USA Basketball and winning national titles with Syracuse Orange.

Carmelo Anthony’s US size 15 shoes provide him with the optimal fit, enabling him to move freely across the court without suffering discomfort or injury.

His shoes are tailored specifically for his rigorous playing style; an example being the Jordan Air 36 with its hollowed-out Eclipse Plate in the midsole and lightweight package.