What is Andrew Wiggins’ Shoe Size?

What is Andrew Wigginss Shoe Size

Andrew Wiggins demands the highest performance from his footwear as an elite small forward. Once signed to Adidas, he became known for his signature Crazy Explosive shoe dunks that became his trademark dunks.

Now, the player favors Peak’s Team Attitude 2 sneakers; however, he has also been seen wearing Nike Kobe shoes with taped-over logos.


Andrew Wiggins currently plays small forward for the Golden State Warriors of the NBA and is widely recognized for his extraordinary shooting skills, defensive versatility and rebounding capabilities. Additionally, his strong passing game and playmaking capabilities make him an indispensable member of his team.

He was the number-one overall draft pick and has had an exceptional NBA career thus far. Additionally, he’s part of Canada’s national basketball team.

Wiggins recently signed a shoe deal with Peak, an Asian brand making inroads into NBA culture. He’s been sporting Peak’s Team Attitude 2 silhouette this season – fans love its blend of style and performance! Featuring sleek design, responsive cushioning, supportive fit, lightweight durability and several sizes available, it makes an excellent option for players like Wiggins who require ultimate comfort on court.

Footwear Brands

Andrew Wiggins is an emerging star in the NBA with one of the highest ceilings among young players. Due to this high profile status and demand for shoes from him and others like LeBron James and Kevin Durant, Adidas was an obvious choice as an exclusive shoe brand partner.

Wiggins did not continue his relationship with Adidas once his contract ended; instead he switched over to PEAK sneakers from China’s growing influence in NBA culture, as evidenced by other big name athletes like Lou Williams and Tony Parker wearing them.

Wiggins’ inaugural PEAK sneaker is the Team Attitude 2. This model boasts cutting-edge technologies that reflect his game, such as soft and breathable upper materials and cushion-3 setup for comfort and support. Furthermore, it includes carbon fiber supports for quick reaction times as well as TAICHI technology for stability.


Wiggins was previously associated with Adidas Basketball as their face and brand ambassador, wearing styles including their Crazy Explosive sneakers. After signing with Peak for multiple years, however, he now wears their Team Attitude 2 model.

This technical model offers many features to make it suitable for NBA players. These features include its high-arching support system, breathable Primeknit upper material and carbon fiber heel pad which reduces torsion resistance. Furthermore, its unique outsole uses Taichi technology for stability and great traction on the court.

After an inconsistent start to his season, Wiggins has shown great improvement recently. He has displayed more three-and-d ability and solid wing defense. Furthermore, his long wingspan helps him rebound and score with ease.


At Huntington Prep School in West Virginia, Wiggins developed his basketball skills and drew the attention of scouts. Following high school he attended University of Kansas for college basketball where he made an immediate impression as a freshman player, which resulted in Cleveland Cavaliers drafting him first overall for 2014 NBA draft.

After an impressive debut season with the Cavaliers, Andrew Wiggins inked a multi-year deal with Chinese footwear brand Peak and unveiled their Andrew Wiggins AW1 sneaker which has received great response among fans and is expected to become an on-court success.

Wiggins not only boasts an outstanding playing style but a fantastic off-court personality as well. He serves as an inspirational figure to young players and has quickly become a fan favorite throughout the league, known for his aggressive defensive play and ability to hit clutch shots when necessary.