What is Andrew Wiggins’ Shoe Size?

What is Andrew Wigginss Shoe Size

NBA players take great care and consideration in selecting their sneakers, as these can greatly affect how well they perform on the court. As such, they regularly switch up their footwear during each season.

Wiggins recently signed an endorsement deal with Chinese brand Peak and can often be seen wearing their Team Attitude 2 silhouette this season.

The sneaker features an innovative design and advanced Peak technologies, making them an excellent fit for the versatile small forward who excels at both scoring and defending.



Wiggins is an exceptionally long and rangy wing who entered the NBA extremely skinny but showed great promise by filling out more by year three. He combines explosive leaping ability with outstanding court vision and passing skills, along with excellent passing abilities.

Wiggins excels on offense as a slasher who uses quick cuts through defense to finish over them, as well as hitting three point shots when necessary.

“Chang” recently signed with Chinese brand Peak and received his inaugural signature shoe: Peak’s AW1. However, since game 4 he’s been wearing Kobe Bryant’s Nike signature sneaker with taped-over logo instead. These shoes combine style, comfort, and performance while providing him with sleek design, responsive cushioning, and top traction capabilities; Team Attitude 2 silhouette is available in green/blue versions with PEs featuring Canadian flag designs available as well.


Wiggins may be one of the quieter players in the NBA, but his knowledge of the game is undisputed. With exceptional shooting and rebounding abilities as well as smart passes to teammates, he plays his position brilliantly.

Wiggin was one of the top draft picks thanks to his talent and hard work, quickly making an impression in both scoring and defense in his NBA debut with the Golden State Warriors.

Wiggins was initially sponsored by Adidas during his rookie season. Known for their high-flying dunks, his Crazy Explosive sneakers became one of his signature shoes. When this contract with Adidas expired, Wiggins went a season without sneakers before signing with Peak and donning their Team Attitude 2 silhouette shoe with its sleek design that provides responsive cushioning and support he needs on court.


Andrew Wiggins places great stock in his footwear as an NBA player. To support his fast, dynamic game while offering both traction and comfort, Andrew needs footwear which provides stability without hindering mobility.

Wiggins first entered the NBA after graduating Huntington Prep School and University of Kansas; quickly becoming popular for his high-flying skills and defensive versatility, becoming an instant fan favorite with fans across all four teams he was drafted.

Wiggins’ partnership with Peak in 2020 opened up a range of shoes that perfectly captured his athletic prowess and innovation from both parties. You’ll find everything from performance-packed AW1 shoes to lifestyle PEAK Mimic options on KICKS CREW – an international platform known for offering sought-after lurkers while providing an effortless shopping experience.

Though most players remain private about their brand loyalty, Wiggins has been seen wearing Nike Kobe shoes on the court due to their lightweight feel and excellent traction. Nike’s new Protro version of Kobe Bryant’s fourth signature model blends traditional styling with modern technologies for an unparalleled look and feel on court.


Andrew Wiggins stands out as an outstanding small forward thanks to his outstanding shooting prowess, defensive versatility, rebounding skills and passing prowess. Peak footwear’s signature shoe line fuses style and advanced basketball technology.

The Peak Team Attitude 2 stands out in a competitive NBA sneaker market by offering eye-catching design and technology, drawing compliments from both fellow players and fans. Its eye-catching appearance will no doubt draw lots of praise and appreciation from everyone around them.

Peak’s partnership with Wiggins marks an exciting development for their brand. Together they have already collaborated on creating the Team Attitude 2 player exclusive model featuring Peak’s cushion-3 setup.

Andrew Wiggins is known to favor shoes from various brands when it comes to his footwear choices. Nike Kobe shoes provide great support and court feel, while Adidas Crazy Explosive high-flyers make for perfect dunking shoes – eventually they may even come out in special PE editions just for him!