Tacko Fall’s Shoe Size

At 7-foot-6 inches, Boston Celtics center Tacko Fall is one of the tallest players in the NBA. To provide adequate support and stability for his massive frame, heavy-duty shoes must be worn by him to provide sufficient lateral stability and support.

His US Size 22 feet add height and support his impressive height on the basketball court; they also present unique challenges off it.

Size 22

Tacko Fall, who stands 6′ 11″, requires thick shoes for support due to his massive feet, wearing Boston Celtics centerwear that measures double the average American shoe size 22.

Tacko was born in Dakar, Senegal and moved to the US at 16 years old. Since then he has made himself a formidable opponent on the basketball court due to his height and shot-blocking skills.

Tacko faces numerous difficulties off of the hardwood, too. Finding shoes to fit is often challenging for him and custom-made pairs are sometimes necessary; although this process can be expensive and time consuming. However, such adaptations must be undertaken for someone of Tacko’s stature.

Size 21.5

Elhadji Tacko Sereigne Diop Fall, better known by his professional name of Tacko Fall, is an NBA center who currently plays for the Boston Celtics of the National Basketball Association (NBA). At 7-feet 6-inches when wearing shoes, his physical stature and court skills have drawn much admiration from viewers; yet his massive frame presents unique challenges when finding shoes that will properly support his feet.

Fall’s US Size 22 feet can be both an asset and liability; traditional shoe stores often don’t carry such large footwear options and it may require custom made options tailored specifically for his unique foot size. He often wears Puma Court Rider and Nike Zoom Rize 2 sneakers when playing for the Celtics.

Fall was born and raised in Dakar, Senegal before making the move to the United States at age 16 to pursue his dreams in basketball. Undrafted from the 2019 NBA draft and signed as an unrestricted free agent with the Celtics two-way contract, his towering height and impressive shot blocking abilities make him one of the league’s premier players.

Size 58

Tacko Fall, standing 7-feet-6 with his shoes on, is one of the tallest players in the NBA. Representing both Boston Celtics and their NBA G League affiliate, Maine Red Claws respectively.

On the court, NBA rookie DeAndre Ayton is an impressive presence with his height and shot-blocking abilities leaving fans amazed. However, his immense stature can pose unique difficulties off it when finding shoes that fit properly.

Fall’s US Size 22 feet set him apart from his peers, yet they can present unique challenges when searching for footwear that provides enough support. Due to these restrictions, custom-made shoes often prove costly and time-consuming to produce. He relies heavily on sturdy sneakers made from resilient materials like leather or suede in order to safeguard his massive frame from wear and tear.

Size 9.5

Tacko Fall has not let his towering height eclipse his talent on the basketball court. With impressive shot-blocking and defensive abilities, Tacko Fall has quickly established himself as an NBA powerhouse despite his massive feet (US Size 22). Yet this enormous size presents Fall with unique challenges both on and off the hardwood.

Standard shoe stores rarely stock shoes larger than US Size 16, forcing Fall to resort to custom-made footwear that fits his feet perfectly – these require special care in crafting as they need to be crafted specifically for his feet to ensure both comfort and durability.

Fall is undeterred by his large foot size and remains determined to play for the Boston Celtics despite them. As his career advances, Tacko Fall’s overly-sized feet will serve as an example for others who fear embracing their differences.