Paul George Shoe Size

What is Paul Georges Shoe Size

Paul George may possess small feet, but they work to his advantage on the basketball court. His 3-point shooting game is unparalleled.

Paul Garza has developed his own shoe line with Nike called PG1, PG2, PG2.5 and PG3 designed specifically to meet his individual style and needs. Additionally, he designed his signature Nike PG5 shoe.



Paul George has long been one of the finest basketball players in the NBA. His small feet allow him to perform with speed and agility on the court, leading him to win numerous awards for his skillset in basketball.

At first, his first signature shoe was the Nike PG1. Fans and critics alike were pleased with its success, so he later released three additional signature shoes: the PG 2, 2.5, and 3 respectively.

The PG1 sneaker is an excellent lightweight, comfortable shoe designed for on-court play. Featuring a large forefoot outrigger and flat outsole for support and traction, as well as midfoot strap for secure lockdown of feet, this sneaker provides support and traction on court with its high ride height; making this ideal for players with smaller feet.


Paul George possesses superb 3-point shooting and defensive abilities that inspire younger basketball players to emulate him. With small feet, his quickness helped make him an effective leader who always had his team’s back.

Nike responded to his success on the court by creating a signature shoe line dedicated to him – starting with the PG1 shoe which was quickly adopted by both fans and Nike alike, followed by the PG2 and then finally by the PG3.

The latest addition to the PG line, the PG2, offers lighter shoes with better traction than its predecessors and mesh materials that help provide breathability so players stay cool during play. They come in an assortment of colors with the PG logo prominently displayed.


Paul George’s PG3 sneaker is an all-purpose sneaker suitable for both basketball and running, featuring an eye-catching lateral heel design with bright crimson Swooshes and George’s signature on its tongue pull tab. Additionally, its responsive Nike React cushioning provides dynamic containment through forefoot straps.

Nike’s Paul George Signature Line debuted with its initial model PG1 in September 2016 and has proven popular with both George and its target demographic of fans and players alike. Since then, additional releases such as PG2, 2.5, PG2.5 have also met positive reception among both groups of individuals.

Paul George has proven his worth on the court despite having small feet. A three-time All-Star with numerous awards to his name, Paul George also enjoys wearing Nike products and owns many different pairs from them.


The PG 5 features a low-top silhouette designed to meet the needs of fast and explosive players. Additionally, its strap helps lock down the foot for improved support. Priced below the average low-top basketball shoe cost, it comes in purple, orange, white and 2K exclusive blue colorways; featuring George’s initials stylized as bowties on its logo to represent both its simplicity and sophistication.

Nike Move insoles can enhance cushioning and improve fit of the PG 5 shoe by increasing cushioning and tightening them more tightly – this takes about two minutes and can even be completed while watching a game! Simply loosen laces and remove stock insoles before replacing with Move ones and tightening. When done, the shoes should feel tighter but remain comfortable for play; tighten all laces before replacing them with Move ones; tighten both of these tightened as needed and tighten lace to tighten more securely tightened before placing Moves into tightened stock insoles tightened tighter still while remaining comfortable when playing! This process takes two minutes per shoe change- swapping insoles takes less than two minutes per change– so even while watching games!