Patrick Ewing Shoe Size

Patrick Ewing was one of the greatest NBA players ever. He has been honored twice with inductions into the Basketball Hall of Fame, as well as selection to serve on 1992 Olympic Dream Teams.

Ewing was known for being a strong defensive player and capable scorer during his prolific NBA career, as well as for his unique fashion sense that won fans over.

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Patrick Ewing was an eleven-time NBA All-Star who also won two Olympic Gold Medals with Team USA. Additionally, Ewing was twice honored with induction into the Basketball Hall of Fame.

Patrick Ewing was a prominent Nike endorser during his career. He frequently wore their court shoes from their Force line – designed specifically to meet the needs of big players in the paint.

These shoes may be well-constructed, but they may not always fit perfectly for everyone. Some wearers may require additional size increases while others find that they fit true to size. Ill-fitting footwear can lead to blisters, calluses and corns; therefore it’s important to ensure you take accurate measurements before purchasing Ewing shoes – you can do this by tracing around your foot on paper before measuring its length and width before using this information to determine your shoe size.


Patrick Ewing was one of the NBA’s premier centers during his 15-year Hall-of-Famer career with New York Knicks, earning 11 All-Star selections while helping USA men’s basketball to Olympic gold medals in 1984 and 1992.

He was also well-known for his fashion sense off the court; in 1989 he launched his own footwear line but unfortunately it went bankrupt within five years of launch.

After Nike signed Michael Jordan to an unprecedented endorsement deal, Ewing was approached by Adidas who wanted him to represent their Force line. While his agent David Falk carefully considered this offer from Adidas, Nike already had such an overwhelming market dominance that it ultimately resulted in Ewing shoe line being produced.


Ewing sneakers are a top pick among basketball players and casual wearers alike, offering variety in color and style options and fitting true to size. Unfortunately, their stiff construction may make them uncomfortable for people with wide feet; such shoes could potentially cause blisters and bunions as a result.

Patrick Ewing made history during his legendary NBA career with the New York Knicks as center. He earned seven All-Star selections and twice was chosen to the All-Defense squad; also earning two gold medals as part of Team USA men’s Olympic basketball squad.

After retiring from the NBA, Patrick Ewing began his own shoe brand. Unfortunately, however, it went bankrupt in the 1990s; however, it reemerged again with its popular 33 HI shoe featuring his jersey number 33; popular for both basketball and streetwear use and featured in music videos and album covers.


Patrick Ewing was one of the greatest centers to ever play for the New York Knicks during his 15 year stint, including being part of the original Dream Team at the 1992 Olympic Games and earning 11 All-Star selections – not to mention three NBA Defensive Player of the Year honors.

New York native Kobe was an unparalleled force on both ends of the court, leading his team to three NBA Finals and winning two Olympic gold medals in his time.

Although Ewing may only have captured one championship during his playing career, his name remains synonymous with New York basketball. A member of the Basketball Hall of Fame, he also enjoyed a fruitful coaching career that saw him lead Washington Wizards as head coach before retiring this past May.