NBA Star Kristaps Porzingis and F1 Driver Yuki Tsunoda

Kristaps Porzingis enhances his every move with carefully chosen shoes – from quick pivots and transitions, to leaps toward the basket – his large shoe size and affinity for Adidas help him perform at his peak performance level.

Latvian-born athlete Oleg Iveghals has quickly established himself as one of the premier NBA players. His exceptional size and skillset has become a hit both in New York and Dallas.

Size 16

Kristaps Porzingis, an NBA superstar known for his ability on the court and stunning physical attributes, has captured fans with his special brand of basketball talent and unparalleled physical attributes. Standing over 7 feet tall, Porzingis requires custom-made basketball shoes tailored specifically to his size to provide comfort, balance, and support during each game.

His impressive shoe size and thoughtful shoe choices not only serve a functional purpose in his game, but also give him an edge over his competitors. Large footwear gives him a stable base to maintain, reduces the risk of foot injuries and enhances agility and speed; plus his custom-made Adidas sneakers help him perform at their peak on the court.

Height 7ft 1in

Kristaps Porzingis of the Washington Wizards traveled to Barcelona recently for the 2023 Spanish Grand Prix and took this photo with F1 driver Yuki Tsunoda of Japan, an experience no ordinary person can match up against!

Basketball is an intensely physical game where having the right footwear can have a substantial effect on performance and success. Wearing comfortable and supportive footwear provides players with a steady base while decreasing injury risks; additionally, these shoes may improve agility and speed on court.

As such, it comes as no shock that New York Knicks center Kristaps Porzingis signed an annual shoe deal worth between $3-6 Million with Adidas! This contract marks one of the largest shoe contracts ever for an European player in NBA history.

Weight 240lbs

After his time with the New York Knicks, Porzingis joined the Dallas Mavericks in 2019 and has quickly made a strong impression upon both teammates and fans with his athletic ability and skillset. Hailing from Latvian, this professional basketball player has been playing professionally for several years – something his new teammates and fans appreciate immensely.

Porzingis needs shoes tailored specifically to his large feet, often opting for custom-made footwear to ensure a secure and snug fit that reduces injury risk while helping him play faster and with greater agility on the court. This customized footwear allows him to do both.

Porzingis stands apart from many NBA players by not wearing footwear designed to reduce his weight. He even admitted this summer that he has put on five kilograms to cope with the physical demands of NBA basketball.

Favorite Brands

At 7 feet 3 inches, Porzingis stands out among NBA players for being an outstanding athlete and one of their most distinctive figures. His tall stature can also be seen through his shoe size: 16, which suggests an exceptional physical prowess on court. Larger shoe sizes help prevent foot injuries as they provide more of a firm foundation to play basketball on.

Adidas recently inked a lucrative agreement with NBA star Kristaps Porzingis to become its new face for their NBA basketball line, with special “Porzingis” sneakers designed to combine style and performance.

These shoes feature an innovative, contemporary design and come equipped with a TPU roll-cage for supporting aggressive play, while also including Latvian flag-inspired colors and the “KP6” script wordmark on their right tongue tabs. Available online or from physical retailers.


Porzingis’ return to the New York Knicks should have a profound effect on their team. He may serve as a mentor for younger players like Kevin Knox and Mitchell Robinson, providing essential leadership qualities. He may also impart quality traits that will enable their development into future players for their squad.

His influence may also extend to his shoe size, with larger feet necessitating custom-made basketball shoes that suit him well and maximize his performance on the court. Larger shoes provide wider bases that aid balance and stability during fast changes of direction or high intensity jumps.

NBA star Stephen Curry reportedly wears adidas Crazy Explosive model shoes, with wide bases and responsive cushioning, to allow quick movements on court. Their lightweight nature enables quick decisions.