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Nate Robinson was an invaluable bench contributor during Boston’s 2010-11 playoff run, often scoring off of his bench position and producing scores off-the-bench. A hard worker who enjoyed scoring from beyond the arc.

He has an engaging sense of humor, often posting hilarious content to Instagram. In addition, he wrote a book called Heart Over Height and owns a chicken and waffles restaurant in Seattle – perfect for his hometown fans!


Nate Robinson stands 5 feet nine inches, which has often led to him being teased about his height. But that has never bothered him; rather, he remains focused on his goals and strives hard towards reaching them while staying physically fit by visiting the gym regularly.

Born May 31 in Seattle, Washington to Jacque Robinson (an African-American former football player) and Renee Busch (an owner of a beauty salon). Anthony Stewart and Deron Isaiah Robinson are his two brothers.

James Logan High School in Seattle. Later he attended Washington University on a football scholarship before switching over to basketball at Washington. An all-around athlete, James has excelled at basketball, football and track and field – even making some money through boxing!


Nathaniel Cornelius Robinson is an iconic American basketball player who has competed for various teams within NBA. A small player with great power, Nathaniel boasts a strong physique while also being highly agile on the court. Additionally, his positive attitudes make him an outstanding teammate.

He grew up in Seattle and attended Rainier Beach High School before enrolling at University of Washington on a football scholarship, switching over to basketball during his time there. Since then he has married his long-term partner Renee Busch and had three children – his father Jacque was once an NFL footballer while Renee ran her own beauty salon.

Nate is a well-rounded athlete with many interests outside basketball. He has written the motivational book Heart Over Height and operates Rainier Beach restaurant, in Seattle. In addition, Nate is also a boxer, having faced off against Jake Paul. Additionally, he enjoys fitness activities like boxing and training at the gym regularly while currently playing for Homenetmen Beirut B.C in Lebanon.

Shoe Size

Nate Robinson stands only 6’7″, yet has established himself as a major force on the basketball court, winning three Slam Dunk Contest titles and becoming a three-time Slam Dunk Champ.

Robinson was inspired by Michael Jordan growing up. A Seattle native, Robinson excelled as both a basketball and football star at Rainier Beach High, earning state championships in each sport.

Robinson made it his goal during rookie training camp for the Boston Celtics to annoy and amuse Shaquille O’Neal by feeding him cookies while sleeping or even taking away his shoes! No one dared stop him!

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Nate Robinson made headlines recently for coming off the bench to save the day for his star-studded team by dunking over Superman-cape wearing Dwight Howard and showing that even at age 39, his touch has not faded.

Nate Robinson emerged as a standout athlete at both basketball and quarterback at Seattle high school before going on to the University of Washington where he won state player of the year for both positions. Following graduation he opened up a chicken-and-waffle restaurant in his hometown before publishing Heart Over Height: My Journey in Professional Basketball as his autobiography.

Robinson is currently focused on his latest venture: HOLDAT Clothing Brand – an intersectional streetwear/sportswear clothing label. To help launch HOLDAT, Robinson joined forces with fellow athlete Corey Kerber in creating two digital series that draw attention to HOLDAT in unique and engaging ways.