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Bol was an intimidating presence on the court. Standing taller than Kobe Bryant and Muggsy Bogues combined, Bol made his presence felt on every play in the paint.

Bol attended Findlay Prep in Henderson, Nevada and later Oregon – schools where Nike Chairman Phil Knight was an active donor – where his love of shoes made them a major factor. Bol even had several closets at home dedicated solely to footwear!


Manute Bol was an 8-foot-7 Sudanese-American basketball player born near Turalei in Gogrial area of Sudan to Madute and Okwok Bol. Height ran in their family; Madute stood 6ft 8in while Okwok stood 6ft 10in; their great-grandfather was reported 7ft 10. Manute himself was part of Dinka ethnic group which is amongst world’s tallest people, which also gave rise to his height. Born to Madute and Okwok Bol, Manute was amongst family height. Madute stood 6ft 8in while mother 6ft 10in while great-grandfather was 7ft 10.

Bol began playing basketball at an early age and, despite initial doubts from scouts due to his youth and lack of formal training, decided to follow his dream.

Bol was chosen in the second round of the 1985 NBA draft by Washington Bullets (now Wizards), where he spent most of his career. A versatile center who could shoot effectively, Bol spent time with Philadelphia 76ers and Golden State Warriors during his time. Bol became well known for blocking shots – in fact he once held the longest reach in league.


Manute Bol was a Sudanese professional basketball player, political activist, and TV personality best known for his shot-blocking abilities and raising awareness for civil war in his home country of Sudan through his fame and wealth.

Bol was an extremely mobile center. He could move around the basket easily and was an effective three-point shooter; additionally he possessed an exceptional post game.

On Oct. 25, 1985 for the Washington Bullets, he played three minutes without scoring or picking up personal fouls – his debut pro game.

Bol was a very influential player who inspired countless African players to join the NBA. He is father to current Phoenix Suns center Bol Bol, who stands an impressive 6’10. Bol Bol III currently wears Nike Kobe 5 Protro shoes on court.

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Bol is a five-star prospect at Findlay Prep in Henderson, Nevada who weighs in at 225 pounds with impressive mobility and an exceptional basketball IQ. His shoe closet contains over 200 options that he uses in games to stay competitive.

Bol hails from Khartum, Sudan and began playing basketball at 15. However, his initial organized sport was soccer which may explain his remarkable footwork, coordination and reaction times for someone so tall.

At Bridgeport University he earned a scholarship before signing with the Washington Bullets of the NBA in 1985 as an amateur. There he served primarily as a center and earned recognition as one of its premier shot blockers throughout his NBA career.

Remarkably, Manute Bol was also well-known for his charitable endeavors – such as raising money to assist refugees from Sudan. When he passed away at age 47 in 2010, his body was laid to rest at Gogrial Cemetery in Sudan under a tombstone that read “Manute Bol, 7 feet 6 inches tall,” although its precise height is up for discussion.

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Manute Bol was an impressive center who left an imprintful mark in both the NBA and beyond. A proficient shooter who excelled from beyond the three-point arc, as well as being an effective rebounder and shot blocker, Manute was also known as an exceptional passer.

His extraordinary body type and condition of Acromegaly (an abnormal growth of bones of hands and feet), made him stand out among other players. He became one of the tallest players ever in basketball history with long limbs and an enormous frame.

Bol attended Findlay Prep in Nevada before enrolling at the University of Oregon, winning several Big West Conference Player of the Year awards during his collegiate career. Following graduation, he was drafted by the Washington Bullets (now Wizards). Bol spent most of his NBA career with them but also briefly played with Miami Heat and Golden State Warriors.