Kevin Love and His Shoe Size

Hoops fans may find NBA player shoe sizes an intriguing window into the physical aspects of basketball. Kevin Love’s large shoe size demonstrates both athleticism and physical attributes necessary to succeed at high levels of the sport.

Love won the 2016 NBA Championship with Cleveland Cavaliers. His footwear of choice are from Nike Zoom Rize and Hyperdunk series shoes.


Kevin Love stands out on the basketball court with his size 19 (US) shoe – larger than what most NBA players typically wear. Basketball fans find Kevin’s shoe size to be fascinating as it provides insight into their bodies that allow him to perform so well on court.

Love is known for his powerful play under the basket and impressive rebounding skills, earning a highly sought-after recruit from Lake Oswego High School in Oregon and choosing UCLA Bruins before declaring for 2009 NBA draft with fifth overall selection.He spent six seasons with Minnesota Timberwolves before being traded to Cleveland Cavaliers in 2020.


Kevin Love is an NBA superstar renowned for his incredible rebounding abilities. Larger shoes provide him with more of a platform, providing balance and stability during high-intensity plays while making movement quicker by enabling longer strides with greater ease.

Love has long relied on Nike basketball shoes during his career, including the Hyperdunk and Zoom Rize series. He favors the Hyperdunk due to its lightweight construction without compromising support or traction, while Zoom Rize series provides versatility and responsiveness suitable for his unique playing style. In particular, Love prefers Hyperdunk series due to its lightweight construction allowing maximum support and traction without compromising weight or responsiveness; Love enjoys Zoom Rize series’ responsiveness as they fit his large feet well, helping him play confidently on hardwood courts while long rebounds with power!


Kevin Love is required to engage in intense physical activity on a consistent basis as an NBA superstar, so his large shoe size allows him to maintain balance and stability during high-intensity game situations like sprinting and quick directional changes. Furthermore, players with larger feet typically possess longer strides which allow them to cover more ground at once; Kevin Love has found this advantage invaluable throughout his career, often closing gaps on basket scores or getting into defensive plays thanks to them thanks to Kevin’s long strides; this trait alone truly distinguishes him as an exceptional athlete!

Sneakerheads may find knowing a basketball player’s shoe size to add an authentic touch to their collection, especially players such as Kevin Love who often dons player-specific footwear models.


At 6 feet 8 inches, Kevin Love stands out on the court like no one else. His tall stature is made even more apparent by his size 19 shoe which dwarfs most NBA players’ footwear.

Larger shoes can improve balance and stability for high-intensity activities like jumping and sudden direction changes. This feature can especially benefit basketball players as a stable foundation helps them perform their best.

Kevin Love has worn various Nike basketball shoes throughout his career, such as Hyperdunk and Zoom Rize series sneakers. These lightweight yet reliable traction sneaks help him remain stable on his feet during fast-paced games; additionally they feature green mesh detail on both lateral and medial sides, along with his signature stitched namebands.


Larger shoes in basketball allow players to have longer strides and cover more ground during a game, helping them quickly close the distance to score quickly or get into position to defend a shot more rapidly.

Love has shown that his larger shoe size doesn’t limit his performance. He prefers wearing shoes from Nike Zoom Rize and Hyperdunk series for responsive cushioning and reliable traction to support his aggressive style of play.

Shoe sizes might seem unimportant to casual fans of basketball, but for basketball enthusiasts this detail provides invaluable insight into what makes these athletes truly exceptional. Additionally, it underscores the immense dimensions that NBA players possess and explains why they dominate so easily on court.