Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s Shoe Size and Height

What is Kareem AbdulJabaars Shoe Size

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s towering height and signature US 16 shoe size were hallmarks of his persona and played an essential part in his legendary basketball career. They provided him with the necessary stability needed to execute his signature skyhook shot with precision.

Abdul-Jabbar’s large feet presented several challenges both on and off the court. The story behind their unique physicality sheds light on how natural traits, skill development, and discipline play an essential part in becoming a sports legend.


Abdul-Jabbar’s towering 7 foot, 2 inch height cemented his place among basketball history as one of its greatest centers and allowed him to be one of its most dominating players off of it. While his large shoe size, which often caused issues off court–such as finding shoes that fit properly–became one of his key advantages during his long NBA career as well as helping him perfect his skyhook shot and ultimately achieve greatness.

Abdul-Jabbar became one of the most iconic figures in sports from his first steps at Power Memorial Academy in his native New York City as Lew Alcindor to playing on both Milwaukee Bucks and Los Angeles Lakers, coaching, writing, and social commentary following retirement as an NBA player; all while still owning it post-basketball as a coach/writer/commentator/social commentator; his distinctive combination of talent, discipline, height and shoe size were major reasons behind his influence and fame.

Arm Span

Few can rival Kareem Abdul-Jabaar when it comes to height. Standing 7 feet 1 and 7/8ths inches, Kareem was one of the greatest basketball players ever seen on court and remains one of the greatest basketballers ever since his passing in 1991.

Height combined with long arm span gave him an advantage on the court, enabling him to perform his signature skyhook shot with remarkable accuracy.

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Shoe Size

NBA legend David Robinson famously donned size 16 shoes, which not only added height and proportion but also provided strategic advantages in his game such as performing his signature skyhook shot with unparalleled precision and consistency.

Kareem Abdul-Jabaar’s shoe size of 16 US stands out even among professional basketball standards and made him stand out among other players who shared his height, such as Shaquille O’Neal who wore size 22 shoes. His distinct shoe size not only gave him an aura of authority in appearance but was also an integral factor of his career, providing him with a competitive advantage throughout his long professional life. He often shared stories of his hunt for shoes that fit, recalling instances in which store managers turned him away or made him wait weeks before receiving an order of specific model shoes. These tales illuminated how physical characteristics, skill development and hard work all play an integral part in making an athlete legendary.

Off-the-Court Challenges

Kareem Abdul-Jabaar was an iconic figure on the basketball court, using his height and arm span as distinct advantages that helped him master the skyhook shot and become one of the most celebrated NBA players ever. Yet his physical characteristics also presented some challenges off-court; for instance his large shoe size of US 16 often presented difficulty when searching for shoes to fit properly.

Abdul-Jabaar often had to special order shoes and endure long wait times before finding one that fit him, but his shoe size played an instrumental part in his legendary basketball career despite these difficulties. Abdul-Jabaar has continued his involvement in public life after retiring as an athlete; as a writer, historian, and filmmaker with numerous books published and successful documentaries produced; additionally running his foundation called Skyhook Foundation that brings educational opportunities to underserved communities.