Isaiah Thomas Shoe Size

Isiah Thomas was a small point guard who helped the Detroit Pistons win back-to-back NBA championships during the 1980s. A tough, gritty player, Thomas was known to put the ball into the basket regardless of who was guarding against him.

His sneakers were specifically tailored for his speed and style of play, such as Nike shoes.


NBA players typically wear shoe sizes between 10.5 and 18. However, some have much smaller feet – Muggsy Bogues was one such player who wore size 4 sneakers!

Thomas stands just over 5-feet, yet still manages to compete on the court with bigger stars from across the league.

This season, Isaiah Thomas will wear the Nike Hypershift PE model. It features a grey mesh upper with speckled spots and green heel tab and Swoosh; additional features include flywire lacing cables as well as a Zoom Air cushion in the forefoot. Now available from Celtics website!


As a professional basketball player, Isaiah Thomas has had to overcome numerous hurdles – one being his height. Yet despite this disadvantage he has made himself known on the court and become a fan favorite.

He grew up in West Chicago’s rough neighbourhood where his family struggled to make ends meet, attending St. Joseph’s for high school where he led them to victory at St. Joseph’s in their state championship year and enrolling at Indiana University where he made an impressionful statement to coach Bobby Knight.

Many NBA players wear shoes larger than their size to ensure optimal performance on the court. ASICS has responded by creating a line of footwear designed to fit and support these players – the Gel-Spotlyte is one example – featuring wide toe boxes and cushioned soles, which help reduce foot fatigue.


Isaiah Thomas is one of the shortest NBA players, and his shoes reflect that. He wears size 12 shoes while players such as Yao Ming and Shaquille O’Neal prefer 22 sizes.

Isaiah Thomas has made an immense mark in basketball thanks to his small stature. Since being selected with the last pick in 2011 NBA Draft, Thomas has emerged as an All-Star with Boston Celtics.

His professional career began with the Sacramento Kings before progressing through Cleveland Cavaliers, Denver Nuggets and Los Angeles Lakers before landing with Washington Wizards in 2019.

Isaiah Thomas was born February 7th 1989 to Tina Baldtrip and James Thomas in Tacoma, Washington. His father worked as a parts inspector at Boeing and was an avid Detroit Pistons supporter; therefore he named his son Isiah after former Hall-of-Famer point guard Isiah Thomas (see name Isiah Thomas). At Curtis High School Thomas excelled on both its varsity basketball team as well as in track & field.

Injury history

Isiah Thomas was one of the greatest point guards in NBA history. He led the Detroit Pistons to two championships in the late 80s while setting an example on the court and being beloved figure in Detroit sports culture.

He is recovering from a hip injury and expected to return later this season. Since returning, he has been practicing with his teammates without experiencing any lingering discomfort.

Although larger shoe sizes often receive more press, there are some NBA players with small feet who make an impression – like Isaiah Thomas who wears size 10 shoes and Bob Lanier of the Pistons who boasted an astounding 22 inch shoe size – such as Isaiah Thomas wearing size 10. Bob Lanier was known as “Mr 22,” due to both his height and immense feet size.