Isaiah Thomas Shoe Size

Isaiah Thomas was selected with the last pick in the 2011 NBA Draft but quickly established himself as an all-star point guard for the Boston Celtics. His passion and drive to succeed have won over fans around the league.

NBA players tend to have larger feet due to both genetics and the sport itself, yet Isaiah Thomas stands out by having relatively smaller feet by NBA standards; his shoe size is 12.

Isaiah Thomas’s Shoe Size

Isaiah Thomas has made the most of his short frame by using it as a strength. On defense, he’s adept at dodging traps that larger guards may struggle with while being quick enough with the ball to maneuver into spots larger players would otherwise stand still in.

Thomas was selected with the final pick in the 2011 NBA draft and has since found employment with various NBA clubs, such as Boston Celtics, Cleveland Cavaliers, Los Angeles Lakers, Denver Nuggets and Washington Wizards. Additionally he currently plays for Grand Rapids Gold of NBA G League; and previously signed 10-day contracts with Dallas Mavericks and Los Angeles Lakers.

Point guard Kyrie Irving has become something of an advocate for underdog players, giving smaller ones hope they can make it in the NBA as well. His Nike Hypershift sneakers stand out on the court; featuring speckled patterns reflecting his distinctive game style and green colors to match those worn by his Celtics teammates.

Isaiah Thomas’s Foot Size

Isaiah Thomas stands as one of the NBA’s shortest players, yet has made himself felt on the court despite being picked last. His passion for the game can be infectious while also showing he can perform under pressure.

Over his three years with the Washington Huskies, he has amassed an impressive set of skills to help him thrive on the basketball court. While his height may fall below that of his position, his quick feet and explosive speed more than make up for this shortcoming; allowing him to escape traps that larger guards often struggle to overcome.

Nike Kobe 4 Protro shoes have long been one of Isaiah’s favorites, so when he returned from injury-plagued 2017-18 season he was honored with green and gold Kobe ADs that have since been nicknamed “Mighty I.T.” These will likely remain part of his wardrobe throughout 2021-22 season.

Isaiah Thomas’s Shoe Brand

Isaiah Thomas has made incredible strides since being selected last in the 2011 NBA draft by Sacramento Kings. Since then, the 5-foot-9 point guard has earned two All-Star selections and now hopes to become the league’s next signature sneaker model.

Thomas currently wears Nike Basketball’s Kobe lines, including the Protros series of Kobe 4 shoes. Additionally, Thomas wears player exclusive versions of both Hypershift and Zoom Live shoes from Nike Basketball.

NBA’s smallest player has worn all kinds of footwear throughout his career, such as Converse and Puma sneakers. At his Hall-of-Fame induction speech, he shared an amazing tale about some powder blue Converse gym shoes worn with pride by the Globetrotters!

Thomas has started off the playoffs right by wearing special sneakers – on Game 1 against the Bulls he donned Kobe 4 Protros with double helix embroidery on their heels in honor of Chyna.

Isaiah Thomas’s Shoe Style

Thomas stands 5 feet 9 inches and uses his size to stand out on the court. Selected with the final pick in 2011 NBA draft and initially met with much skepticism upon entering, Thomas quickly proved himself over three seasons with Boston Celtics and two All-Star appearances.

Isaiah Thomas favors Nike’s Kobe line of shoes, especially their Kobe 4 Protros model. These sneakers were his go-to style from day one of signing with the company, and have become his trademark style over time.

Thomas played briefly for both the Los Angeles Lakers and Dallas Mavericks on 10-day contracts after spending time with Grand Rapids Gold of the NBA G League. Upon returning to Boston during 2020-21 season, Thomas appeared for three games before being traded to Denver Nuggets where he was eventually waived before their trade would eventually fail him altogether. It was an emotional scene as Thomas returned back where it all started; an experience which deeply saddened him.