Eric Bledsoe Shoe Size Information

What is Eric Bledsoes Shoe Size

Basketball players require shoes with appropriate fitting to ensure comfort and stability on the court, especially athletes with large feet.

Eric Bledsoe is a point guard who has played for Oklahoma City Thunder, Los Angeles Clippers and Phoenix Suns; currently, he resides with Milwaukee Bucks.


Bledsoe, who stands 6 foot 1 inches and plays for the Milwaukee Bucks of the NBA, is an adaptable point guard who can fill both shooting guard and point guard positions.

He stands out as an outstanding defender at his position, boasting tremendous lateral quickness and physicality. He can press the ball with ease, using his long arms to block shots that would be harder for other players with shorter wingspan to block.

He can also be an effective scoring threat from the backcourt, thanks to an exceptional pick-and-roll game and prolific backdoor cutter. By creating hesitation through small hops backward, he gives plotting bigs the space they need to straighten up slightly before using his incredible swerve and speed to blow by them quickly and zip past them with incredible swerve and speed.


Bledsoe is an NBA point guard who currently specializes in point defense for the Milwaukee Bucks of the NBA. At 6 feet 1 inch and 208 pounds, he stands 6 foot 1 inches with an athletic build that many women find attractive; furthermore he’s an outstanding athlete capable of performing above-the-rim play.

Ben played one season of college basketball at University of Kentucky before entering the 2010 NBA draft and being selected 18th overall by Oklahoma City Thunder. Subsequently he spent time with Bakersfield Jam of NBA G League and Phoenix Suns before signing with Milwaukee Bucks as his primary club.

Bledsoe has participated in multiple playoff runs over his career, yet has yet to earn an NBA championship ring. This may be because players like Giannis Antetokounmpo and Khris Middleton often receive open look three-pointers that he fails to capitalize on. Bledsoe currently remains under contract with Milwaukee Bucks for four more years.

Shoe Size

NBA players are large men, so their shoes must accommodate for their size. An average NBA player stands 6’7″ tall and weighs 240 pounds; as such they require shoes that will support their weight while offering enough grip on the court for optimal play.

Thanks to numerous shoe brands that specialize in shoes for athletes with larger feet, NBA players often get to showcase their individual sneaker styles on the basketball court.

Eric Bledsoe has worn numerous Nike Hyperdunk PEs throughout his career. On Martin Luther King Day he donned a pair with color hits from the Pan-African flag for MLK Day; but also has worn shoes from LeBron James’ signature line such as LeBron Soldier 14s designed to help athletes feel powerful on the basketball court and score points more easily. These high-quality builds feature premium materials with lightweight constructions so athletes can move freely around court while scoring points quickly.

Shoe Brand

Bledsoe is well-renowned for his agility and performance on the court. A lesser-known fact about him is that he wears shoe size 11. For athletes to ensure optimal balance and avoid injuries during high-intensity games, shoes that fit properly is crucial to success.

Eric Bledsoe found his ideal sneaker in the Nike LeBron 18: its durable construction and responsive cushioning provide him with all of the support he requires to perform at his peak performance level.

The Nike LeBron 18 features an innovative strap closure system to provide maximum support during intense basketball gameplay. Furthermore, its breathable and lightweight construction provides comfort throughout gameplay for Bledsoe during each match – no wonder it has become one of the world’s most beloved sneakers!