Donovan Mitchell – What is Donovan Mitchell’s Shoe Size?

Donovan Mitchell stands out in the NBA as an extremely dynamic player. Representing Utah Jazz, this guard is an unstoppable force on the court – winning multiple Slam Dunk Contests and earning All-Star status during his rookie year alone.

His US 17 shoe size plays an instrumental role in his legendary performance, enabling him to reach new heights of excellence while remaining comfortable and stable during competition.


Donovan Mitchell of the Utah Jazz is an unstoppable force on the court, highlighted by his exceptional athleticism and game-altering plays. What often gets lost in translation, however, is how footwear impacts performance – particularly grip and stability issues.

Mitchell relies on wearing his US 17 shoe size to maintain his edge by providing adequate support during his dynamic play. The adidas DON Issue series captures Mitchell’s unique style, featuring herringbone-patterned rubber outsoles for optimal traction when changing direction quickly and Bounce midsoles to provide cushioned landings from high impact hits. In addition, this series offers Spider-Man themed colorways, paying homage to Mitchell’s popular nickname of Spida.

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Donovan Mitchell of the Utah Jazz is an irreplaceable point guard who stands out in any NBA arena. Yet an often-overlooked aspect of his game–his shoe size–also contributes to shaping his remarkable basketball career.

His signature shoes fit him like a glove; providing optimal fit, stability and comfort for his large feet. Crafted with herringbone-patterned rubber outsoles for quick direction changes and Bounce midsole cushioning to absorb high-impact landings; they even sport Spider-Man themed colorways as a tribute to his nickname of ‘Spida’!

These shoes represent Mitchell’s second signature line from adidas DON Issue 1, released earlier in 2019. Like its predecessor, Mitchell’s shoes offer comfort, traction and support that stands up well for long hours on court. Shop Mitchell’s shoes online through adidas today at your leisure – there are both men’s and women’s sizes available and priced at $140 each!


Donovan Mitchell, point guard of the Utah Jazz in the National Basketball Association (NBA), has shown remarkable skill with the ball and can score at will. To maximize his potential on the court, Donovan requires shoes that provide stability and grip so he can perform to his potential. A US 17 shoe size provides this stability.

Mitchell may be undersized for his position relative to other NBA players, but makes up for this with his height and wingspan. Mitchell boasts an extraordinary six-inch wingspan which gives him tremendous reach – helping him defend larger opponents more effectively while finishing plays more easily than most guards could achieve. Furthermore, his length allows him to exploit smaller defenders by getting to the basket quickly; this has earned him the moniker “Spida”.

Shoe-to-Body Ratio

Donovan Mitchell (nicknamed Spida) is an unstoppable force on the basketball court. The Utah Jazz guard is best known for his agility and explosive athleticism; yet one lesser-known factor that contributes to his success may be his shoe size.

He wears size 17 sneakers – which is considered an extra large size in basketball shoes – to provide himself with the stability and comfort required to perform at a high level of competition.

adidas DON Issue 4 is a popular choice among NBA players, thanks to its herringbone-patterned rubber outsole for quick traction and Bounce midsole for excellent cushioning. Furthermore, it comes in an iconic Spider-Man colorway to commemorate Mitchell’s nickname.

The adidas DON Issue 2 is the highly successful successor of last year’s DON Issue 1, featuring similar design elements while adding herringbone-pattern outsole for quick direction changes and Bounce midsole cushioning for superior impact protection. These shoes come in an assortment of Spider-Man themed colors.