Donovan Mitchell Shoe Size

Donovan Mitchell of the Utah Jazz wears size 17 shoes. He has his own signature sneaker line available through adidas and frequently gives them away to fans before and after games.

He has introduced several special editions of his D.O.N. Issue #4 shoe, such as the Crayola colorway inspired by his passion for crayons and Lego colorway created in partnership with this well-known building block brand.

Size 17

As an awkward teenager in prep school, Donovan Mitchell made himself stand out by wearing colorful, big and loudly-sized 17 shoes on the basketball court. These gave him an eye-catching style that captured everyone’s attention on and off the court.

Since his NBA debut with the Utah Jazz in 2017, Mitchell has quickly established himself as one of the league’s premier young stars. After earning All-Rookie First Team and Slam Dunk champion honors during his rookie campaign, Mitchell has gone on to make every playoff team since. Additionally, Mitchell has become a national phenomenon known for both his on-court charisma and off-court style.

He is known to give away pairs of his signature Adidas sneaker to fans regularly before games by taking off and signing his shoes, then handing them out before returning them in the stands.

Mitchell relies on size 17 shoes for extra cushioning and support during his powerful strides on the basketball court. Finding shoes of suitable size is crucial to any athlete’s performance, but Mitchell’s large feet help him get into the air faster than his opponents, potentially making the difference between an exciting basket or blocked shot.

Size 15

Donovan Mitchell has quickly established himself as one of the most exciting young talents to emerge in recent years in basketball. Boasting incredible skill, Donovan constantly seeks ways to improve his game while creating his own distinctive style of play that sets him apart.

Mitchell wears shoe size 17; this large shoe size provides extra cushioning for his game and helps make him more comfortable on the court. Since childhood, Mitchell has worn these size shoes, citing them as key in helping him feel at home on court.

Mitchell has collaborated with adidas to launch his own signature sneaker line. Various pairs, inspired by Spider-Man from Marvel comics, as well as those made in Utah where Mitchell is from have been released over time.

Donovan Mitchell Signature shoes were created to showcase his dedication and passion every night on the court. Dubbed after Mitchell’s motto – Determination Over Negativity – these footwear represent his belief that anything is possible and feature an unique tread pattern designed specifically to commemorate Mitchell’s journey; available in multiple colors!

Size 16

Professional American basketball player Donovan Mitchell spent much of his youth playing baseball before discovering a passion for basketball and becoming one of the Utah Jazz’s star point/shooting guards. Now you can emulate your favorite NBA player with Donovan Mitchell shoes from adidas; designed for fast-paced play they will help perfect your dribble, mid-range jumper and back-to-the-basket game whether playing high stakes games or casual pickup matches with friends, Donovan Mitchell shoes are guaranteed to help you perform at your best!

Donovan Mitchell basketball sneakers feature a high-top design to offer additional support and stability on the court, along with lightweight upper material and flexible cushioning that helps you remain agile on court. They are available in an array of colors and designs to fit your unique aesthetic.

The Don Issue 1 is Mitchell’s inaugural signature shoe with Adidas, designed to celebrate his Utah Jazz roots and his belief in anything being possible. Its name stands for Determination Over Negativity – Mitchell lives by this mantra every day! Additionally, these shoes boast Utah mountain and post stamp designs to honor Mitchell’s hometown while its upper features orange hits as a nod to Jazz team colors.