Derrick Rose Shoe Size

Derrick Rose made his NBA debut in 2008. At 6 feet 3 inches and wearing size 13 shoes, Rose is considered an elite point guard in his position.

At 22, after winning an MVP award, he signed with adidas, who developed a line of sneakers tailored specifically to him as point guard.

Height and Weight

Derrick Rose stands 6’3 and weighs roughly 200 pounds, which puts him on the smaller end for NBA players, but this doesn’t stop him from outwitting his opponents with incredible quickness and power. Defensive players simply cannot compete against him!

As the Chicago Bulls selected him with the top overall selection in 2008 NBA draft from University of Memphis. He earned Rookie of the Year honors before going on to become youngest regular season MVP ever in 2011. Since then he has also played for New York Knicks, Cleveland Cavaliers, and Minnesota Timberwolves.

His net worth surpasses $100 million and he generates approximately $15 million each year from advertisements for Adidas, Powerade, Wilson and Skullcandy. He lives in a luxury house and owns multiple cars; three older brothers followed him in Englewood as they used basketball to escape danger in Chicago’s streets.

Injury History

Derrick Rose has battled injuries since joining the NBA in 2008. As former Rookie of the Year, he has missed several games over his career.

November 2013: Rose suffers two sprained ankles while playing against Portland Trail Blazers and must sit out two weeks. Unfortunately, he tore his right meniscus as well and was ultimately forced out for the remainder of the season.

Rose endured 257 games of injury during his eight seasons with the Bulls, missing all or part of 2012-13 and most of 2014-17 due to various ailments. This has left fans questioning just how great Rose might have been had he stayed healthy throughout his entire career.

Signature Shoes

Derrick Rose’s skill set of scoring prowess, playmaking prowess and defensive tenacity have made him an invaluable member of any team he has played on. Sport a pair of sneakers similar to his and impress opponents when you run transition plays or sprint to the basket!

Rose established his signature Adidas line just as he achieved NBA stardom. These shoes match Rose’s explosive style perfectly by providing plenty of ankle support and lightweight construction.

Rose has released 11 signature sneakers with adidas since 2019. Only seven other players in league history have ever reached this feat; these include Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony and Allen Iverson.

Adidas Line

Derrick Rose has established himself as one of the premier point guards in NBA history. Winning 2010-11 MVP at age 22 as part of Chicago Bulls team, Rose has since been an irrepressible force on court.

Rose’s Adidas line features shoes that combine performance and style. Crafted with the same high-grade materials found elsewhere from Adidas, these basketball sneakers were specifically tailored for Rose’s quick, explosive style of play – with features like outsole traction pattern design essential for quick cuts and sudden direction changes.

Slip on some Derrick Rose cleats to show the defense how you intend to beat them. With their soft cushioned design, these shoes will keep you comfortable whether running the floor or fighting for loose balls.